Gergely Karácsony withdraws from opposition primaries, declares support for Péter Márki-Zay

At his joint press conference with Péter Márki-Zay, Gergely Karácsony announced that he was withdrawing from the race for the opposition's prime ministerial candidacy. Karácsony said he is shutting down his campaign with an easy heart, as he fully trusts nonpartisan candidate Péter Márki-Zay, asking his supporters to vote for him in the second round of the primaries.

Klára Dobrev wins first round of opposition primaries, Gergely Karácsony and Péter Márki-Zay still in the race

DK's Klára Dobrev won the first round of the race for the prime ministerial candidacy of the Hungarian opposition, however, she will be up against Gergely Karácsony and Péter Márki-Zay in the second round.

"I'm not afraid of death, I'm only afraid of the vaccine"

What do people think of the pandemic and vaccines in the two towns in Hungary where the highest and lowest portion of residents have received immunity cards? Video.

Ketrecbe bújtak az állatvédők, nagy a nyomás a kiskunfélegyházi vágóhídon

Kegyetlen szenvedést okozhat az élő állatok hosszú távokon való utaztatása – ez ellen tiltakoztak állatvédők Kiskunfélegyházán. A vágóhíd olasz tulajdonosát 6 milliárdos adócsalással gyanúsítják, a hazai húsüzemek közben nehéz helyzetben próbálnak fennmaradni az éles nemzetközi versenyben.

Why Orbán's "child protection referendum" makes no sense, and why it does

Shortly after the Hungarian law restricting LGBTQ+ content in media and education drew major international flak, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a referendum to defend it. At first glance, the questions seem a bit nonsensical, but a deeper inspection reveals that there is a certain rationale at work here. Analysis.

Dutch ambassador to Hungary: The anti-LGBTQ-law causes anguish in Hungarian families

A law that conflates paedophilia and LGBTI issues is harmful, says Dutch ambassador René van Hell, who will leave Hungary at the end of August. He says that Hungarian politics is also a topic for the Dutch press. Although there are often disputes between the two countries, environmental protection is a common bond between the Netherlands and Hungary. Van Hell had no regrets about coming to Budapest as an ambassador and even traversed the country.

Hungary bans sale of books with LGBTQ+ content near churches and schools, orders plastic wraps on them elsewhere

The Hungarian Government released the first detailed implementation decree to the recent anti-LGBTQ+ “Child Protection Act” which sparked major political controversy in Europe.

The mass resignation at, as seen from the inside

A year ago today, we walked out from our previous workplace,, after editor-in-chief Szabolcs Dull was suddenly terminated following a month-long struggle for the site's independence. In this video, our colleagues remember those tumultuous days.

What is Hungary’s procedure for secret surveillance?

Sándor Pintér, the Minister of Interior Affairs said that Hungary does not engage in unlawful secret surveillance. To precisely understand what that means, it is worth knowing how it works when it’s lawful.

Pegasus surveillance scandal: Hungarian ministers point fingers at each other

Before Wednesday's cabinet meeting, we tried once more to get answers from members of the Hungarian government about the Pegasus surveillance scandal.

Viktor Orbán announces referendum on children in response to EU inquiries into Hungary's controversial anti-LGBT law

The referendum will include five questions concerning the so-called "Child Protection Act" adopted in June, over which the European Commission had launched three separate proceedings.

President of the Hungarian Bar Association and several other lawyers targeted with Israeli spyware Pegasus

It seems not even client-attorney privilege could save lawyers from surveillance. János Bánáti, the President of the Hungarian Bar Association was targeted during the trial of a consequential murder case, while another lawyer became a target when he ran against a candidate of Fidesz for the mayoral office of a small town at the last municipal elections.

Hungarian government not keen on answering questions about the Pegasus surveillance scandal

Telex tried asking several prominent members of the Hungarian governing party Fidesz about the wiretapping of several critics of Viktor Orbán's government, however, we did not receive substantive answers from the politicians behind cordons and policemen.

Hungarian journalists and critics of Orbán were targeted with Pegasus, a powerful Israeli cyberweapon

Hungarian targets include media owner Zoltán Varga and his acquaintances, the son and lawyer of former oligarch Lajos Simicska, and several investigative reporters.

Fidesz bracing for a tight election race in 2022 as Orbán makes it rain

As the opposition alliance prepares for the primaries, Fidesz is set to give unprecedented handouts to the voting population in early 2022, right before the elections. However, this effort to garner support is likely to face some considerable objections.

Hungarian Deputy PM: Homosexuality is a sin

Following up on the latest Hungarian anti-LGBT legislation that caused political turmoil in the EU, we asked members of the Hungarian government about the law's details and how they would respond if someone in their political community came out as gay.

Portrayal and promotion – Hungary's latest anti-LGBT law, explained

Last Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament adopted legislation that prohibited sharing LGBT content with minors and limited sexual education in schools. Since then, 17 EU member states condemned the law in a joint statement and Ursula von der Leyen vowed to use all powers of the European Commission to protect the rights of EU citizens. But what is this law, and how does it fit into the Hungarian government’s anti-LGBT agenda?

Hungary wants EU funds, but only on its own terms

What is the RRF, this hard-to-grasp abbreviation the meaning of which changed many times recently, what does it have to do with rule of law, and why doesn't the Hungarian government want any of what many call "free money?" A crash course on the political dimensions of the EU's Reconstruction Fund.

Karácsony: The Fudan project is Fidesz's ultimate moral suicide

Thousands gathered in Budapest on Saturday to protest the construction of the Chinese Fudan University's Hungarian campus, which would cost the country €1.3 billion and jeopardise an ongoing affordable student housing project in southern Budapest. Video report from the protest.

"We don't care much about mortality stats – we already transported the bodies the previous day."

"Transporter." This is all they say when people ask them about what they do for a living. Some quit after their first day on the job, others make the transition rather smoothly from being a cab driver, a chef, or a waiter – jobs that were all hard-hit by the pandemic. Télizöld Funeral Services allowed us a rare glimpse into the daily realities of their job.

Orbán's Chinese vaccine gamble seems to have paid off

At the time Hungary started using Sinopharm's vaccine to immunize the elderly, there was no way to know how effective or safe it was. Since then, WHO approved the Chinese jab, and Orbán seems to have scored an important communications goal against the opposition – but was he right, or was he lucky?

How the third wave hit Hungary, charted

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, characterized by the Kent variant, tore through Hungary much quicker and deadlier than what we saw during the previous two. Here are the similarities and differences of the three waves, charted.

Sziget Festival is cancelled once again

This is the second year Covid-19 forces the organisers of the largest Hungarian festival to cancel the event.

Orbán has begun taking steps to preserve his power

With a year left until what looks to be a tight election, the government is reallocating considerable amounts of public assets away from the state and into, e.g., foundations. The goal could be to sustain Orbán’s „System of National Cooperation” in the event that he should lose the 2022 election. However it may turn out, does this mean that future governments will no longer have a say in higher education? And what about the hundreds of valuable state properties that were recently transferred? Are they destined to forever remain in the possession of Fidesz loyalists? Opposition leaders don’t see the situation as being completely hopeless.

'We must deny your request' – World Press Freedom Day in Hungary

3 May is World Press Freedom Day, but the press is only as free as much it is allowed to report; here are the walls constantly hit by independent journalists in Hungary.

'From what I've heard, the Russkie stuff is stronger' – The vaccination campaign in Hungary's segregated communities

Hungarian civic organizations have launched their campaign titled "Vaccines for Life" to get people living in disadvantaged, segregated communities to sign up for the coronavirus vaccine. We took a look at how it went in Miskolc and the surrounding small towns.

What can we learn from the data on the Hungarian victims of Covid-19?

Harvesting the official mortality data revealed that general health in Hungary is terrible and that the data provided by hospitals is far from standardized. Infographics about the first 25,000 coronavirus-related deaths in Hungary.

Hungarian campus of Fudan University to be built by Chinese workers, financed by a Chinese loan

The construction of the Budapest campus of the Shanghai-based Fudan University has upset Hungarian domestic politics. The opposition-led Budapest is trying to oppose the project, but the Hungarian government seems relentless.

Hungary now only ranks 92nd on World Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders warns that the Hungarian government's expanding hegemony over the media could inspire other European countries such as Poland or Slovenia.

Who is Hungary's elusive Minister of Propaganda?

Antal Rogán used to be a darling of pro-government tabloids, but ever since his new wife's real estate scandal, the Hungarian cabinet minister has vanished from the radar. We tried to get in touch with him for over two months, to no avail; In the end, we had to ask other prominent members of the governing party about what Orbán's most indispensable cabinet member is really doing.