The mass resignation at, as seen from the inside

July 24. 2021. – 08:12 PM



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On 22 June 2020, management fired the editor-in-chief of Index, Szabolcs Dull. Two days later, precisely a year ago, the vast majority of Index's staff handed in their resignations after pleas to reinstate Dull fell on deaf ears. In this video, our current and former colleagues talk about those final days and the tremendous support from our readers that enabled us to keep doing our jobs at Telex and other news sites.

This video has English subtitles. If you cannot see them, turn them on in the video settings. Speaking, in order of appearance: Tamás Fábián, journalist at Telex; Szabolcs Dull, editor-in-chief at Telex; Veronika Munk, editor-in-chief at Telex; Luca Pintér, journalist at Telex; András Zsuppán, journalist at Válasz Online.

The translation of this article was made possible by our cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.