Telex receives prestigious international award

Telex won this year’s #ALLForJan award. The news site’s staff was recognized with the international prize based on their advocacy of the freedom of the press and their work over the past several months.

Parliament extends COVID-19 ‘state of danger’ again

The Hungarian parliament has extended the ‘state of danger’ legislation by a two thirds majority on Monday. On the government side 133 MPs voted in favour, while no one from the opposition benches gave their support.

The propaganda minister’s land scandal that was too much even for Orbán

The 1.6 billion HUF deal of Antal Rogán's wife has fallen through.

Why Fidesz faces a tight race in 2022

At present, it is impossible to predict with confidence who will be the winner of the Hungarian parliamentary elections in 2022. But the opposition may have a realistic chance of winning the Hungarian elections.

Hungarian diplomat covers up DUI accident in Vienna

An influential Hungarian diplomat caused an accident while driving drunk in Vienna. His children were in the back, and he refused the evidentiary breathalyser. However, the incident had no consequences in Austria or Hungary.

Szabolcs Dull joins Telex

From this point forward, Veronika Munk and Szabolcs Dull will be leading Telex together as editors-in-chief.

'One week, she is still cooking for you, the next, you are picking her belongings up at the hospital'

Petra Tóth's mother died of complications arising from COVID-19 in little under a week. Tamás Busák spent 44 days in the hospital, and he was on a ventilator for 17. Barbara Balás is one of the few women who were pregnant at the time of contracting the coronavirus, and she had to undergo a C-section prematurely. Hungarians whose lives were affected by the coronavirus told us about their experiences.

Son of Viktor Orbán graduates from RMA Sandhurst, Hungary foots the bill

We discovered that the Hungarian Prime Minister's son has just graduated from one of the top military academies in the world and the roughly €100,000 training fee was paid by the Ministry of Defence. When we inquired about this at the government's weekly press conference, the spokesperson changed our question, removing any mention of Gáspár Orbán.

2021 is shaping up to be Viktor Orbán's toughest year to date

A recession of historic proportions, a significant loss of popularity, rule of law mechanism, a hostile US administration, a new German chancellor, and an opposition challenger – the Hungarian Prime Minister will have to face a number of difficulties this year, and he has work to do within his own party as well.

How COVID-19 challenged decades-old taboos of economics

Here comes Telexikon, Telex’s infovideo-series. In the first episode, we present the coronavirus pandemic's impact on the world economy, show why this is a peculiar crisis and what long-term effects the pandemic can have on economic practices.

Are sexual minorities the 'new migrants' of Hungary?

In recent times, the Hungarian governing party has been increasingly inciting anti-LGBTQ sentiments both in communication and in legislation – could sexual minorities be Fidesz's new bogeymen at the 2022 general elections?

Why would you give money to women?

The Minister for the Families is right: We are smaller, our upkeep is lower.

Minister for the Families to women: Don't worry about the gender pay gap, be happy you get to take care of others

"Do not believe that every waking moment of our lives must be spent with comparing ourselves to men and that we should work in at least the same position, for at least the same pay they do,” Katalin Novák explained.

Berlin, Warsaw, and Budapest reach agreement on rule of law conditionality and the EU budget

Bloomberg reports that Poland, Hungary, and current EU President Germany have reached a deal on the budget veto: A legally binding addendum to the rule of law mechanism will clarify how the regulation would be applied. The draft text is not yet public, but it looks like the EU could have a budget by Friday.

Orbán: There is a good chance of winning the fight over the EU budget

Even though the German EU Affairs Minister says negotiations cannot be reopened and the rule of law conditionality must be implemented as soon as possible, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was optimistic after a surprise meeting with his Polish counterpart in Warsaw.

Orbán is not alone yet, but for a moment, Poland wavered

The Hungarian-Polish veto of the EU's next seven-year budget over the rule of law conditionality has upended European politics. Last week, there seemed to be a blemish on the strong alliance of Orbán and Morawiecki, however, Poland nearly walking back on the veto may instead be a sign of tensions within the country's governing coalition.

Orbán suggests Fidesz should leave the EPP Group

In a letter to Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP Group, Viktor Orbán suggests a new type of cooperation between Fidesz and the political family, one in which Fidesz is effectively no longer a member.

Hungary maintains strict COVID-19 restrictions for another month

The measures announced in November will remain in effect until 11 November, New Year's Eve is definitely cancelled, but Christmas is still up in the air.

The storybook that opened a rift in Hungary

Petitions, book shredding, and clashes among commentators and celebrities: news of the book A Fairy Tale for Everyone spread quickly along with claims of it being homosexual propaganda. We sat down with some of the people who worked on the book and learned that the situation is not at all what it seems.

EPP Group to decide on excluding Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch

30 members of the EPP Group want the MEP of Hungarian governing party excluded over his comments comparing group leader Manfred Weber to the Gestapo.

Szájer quits Fidesz over scandal, Orbán condemns his actions, orgy's host speaks out

Following his scandal, MEP József Szájer had left his party behind while Hungarian PM described his actions as "unacceptable and inexcusable." Here is our summary of what happened since the start of the scandal.

In response to Szájer's scandal, the Hungarian Government cordons itself off from the press

At Wednesday's cabinet meeting, we tried to ask members of the Hungarian Government about the sex scandal of MEP József Szájer and its effects on EU policy, but we were stopped by police.

MEP József Szájer admits to attending lockdown-breaking party in Brussels

The MEP was allegedly found climbing down the gutter while trying to flee from a police raid on a sex party that violated lockdown measures.

The world beyond hospital gates remains hidden in Hungary

Even though it is standard practice in the international press to report from hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hungarian healthcare system does not allow journalists or photographers beyond the gates, and Telex gets no answers at all from the government's coronavirus task force.

Poland and Hungary insist on vetoing the rule of law mechanism

The heads of the Hungarian and Polish governments held a meeting in Budapest on Thursday afternoon where they made it clear: they find linking EU funds to rule of law criteria unacceptable and they stand by the veto announced earlier.

Index.hu sold, editor-in-chief resigns

The once independent Index.hu is now an indirect property of Miklós Vaszily, an active participant in turning Index.hu's former competitor, Origo, into a government mouthpiece.

Orbán's media war will never end

Even though a year ago, Orbán said that Hungarian media is finally balanced, his skirmishes against independent media have not stopped – Telex explains the ins and outs of Orbán's never-ending media war.

EPP: We will convince the Hungarian government about rule of law conditionality

The Hungarian Prime Minister has announced the political veto of the EU's next 7-year budget over rule of law conditionality, but his party's political family, the EPP, is not willing to give up on the budgetary mechanism. Interview with Pedro Lopez de Pablo, the EPP's Director of Press and Communications.

Telex's first-ever transparency report

This is not just our story. It is yours too. As promised, here is the first transparency report of Telex.

Hungary tightens COVID-19 restrictions with last-minute emergency decree, here are the details

Late on Tuesday night, the emergency decree on the toughest restrictions against COVID-19 Hungary has ever seen finally came out 90 minutes before it entered into effect. Here are the details (with some surprises) and a summary of what went down while Hungary waited.