Communication between Orbán and Meloni more intensive than the usual diplomatic formulas – PM's...

Since the Italian elections concluded, there have been several exchanges between the Hungarian government and the Italian election winners.

I don’t believe the government is waiting for EU funds to raise teachers’ wages

Hundreds of teachers and students formed a human chain around one of Hungary’s best schools on Monday in protest of the current conditions in the country’s education system. We spoke to both...

Italian press: Orbán willing to pay 8 million euros to bring Supercoppa Italiana to Hungary

The Hungarian prime minister is known as a big football fan.

Szijjártó met with Lavrov despite the EU's explicit request not to

The EU's request to not hold bilateral talks with Russia during the UNGA this week was understood and accepted by all member states – except Hungary.

Iranian refugee wins lawsuit against Hungary – six years after he tried to seek asylum at the border

He entered illegally from Serbia. They forced him back and set a dog on him.

Hungarian Foreign Ministry boasts about Szijjártó being the only one to sit down with Lavrov at UNGA

The State News Agency's statement repeatedly stresses that Szijjártó was the only EU Foreign Minister to meet with his Russian counterpart.

According to a recent survey, almost half of Hungarian internet users may be moderately pro-Russian

The survey conducted by an international company worked with a polling sample of a thousand people.

The Polish-Hungarian friendship is not what it used to be – on account of Ukraine

The image of Hungarians in Warsaw has deteriorated so much that even Hungarian wine has been taken off the shelves of some Polish shops. However, there will still be cases where the two illiberal...

New anti-corruption measures reach as far as the Prime Minister's Office

It was the government's package containing seventeen proposals, that persuaded the European Commission to wait before suspending EU funds from Hungary. The plan has succeeded, and it is now...

You don't have to be fleeing war to become a victim of child labour in Hungary

The Guardian recently reported the story of a 16-year-old Ukrainian refugee girl who travelled a total of 8 hours a day on a bus to work in a factory in Hungary to support her family. While it is...