Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to Orbán: Ukraine's territory remains unchanged

Oleg Nikolenko reacted to the Hungarian Prime Minister's words about being unsure of the size of Ukraine's territory, which – in Orbán's view – creates an obstacle for EU accession talks.

Orbán: Brussels doesn't want to give us the money, so they are stalling with made up questions

The Hungarian PM also said that seeing migration as a human rights issue is a mistake, and that Hungary will be proven right about the war in Ukraine in the end.

'If we had to vote now, the outcome would be highly questionable!'

At the Hungarian government's weekly press briefing, Gergely Gulyás spoke about Hungary's current approach to ratifying Sweden's accession to NATO.

Hungarian police promise decisive action against acts of extremism at neo-Nazi meeting in Sopron

European neo-Nazi organisations are planning on holding a networking congress in the Hungarian city in early October.

Slovak Foreign Ministry summons Hungarian Ambassador over Szijjártó's statements

"The ambassador was asked to convey Slovakia's reservations about his interference in the election campaign to the minister," the Slovak Foreign Ministry said.

Number of Muslims in Hungary doubled in twenty years, while number of Catholics halved

The number of those professing to be religious fell from 75% in 2001 to 44% in 2022.

Hungary's Fatima Korok becomes freediving world champion

She set a new world record in free diving in July.

News of planned neo-Nazi gathering brings together Fidesz and opposition in Sopron

It is not yet known where in Sopron the international far-right plans to hold its convention. Locals have already organised protests, saying there is no place for a neo-fascist gathering in their...

World-renowned historian sad his books for children now shrink-wrapped in Hungary

Yuval Noah Harari says that the Bible contains stories that are much harder to digest, while his books talk about love in a way that is appropriate for children.

The latest from Arte Weekly: Europe’s migration policy put to the test – again

The tiny island of Lampedusa saw its population double when thousands of migrants arrived by boat in September.

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