Embassies of 35 countries call for an end to the politically motivated targeting of LGBTQ people...

Budapest embassies have issued joint statements in support of the gay community on the occasion of Budapest Pride several times before, but this is the first time that they have referred to the...

We found Katalin Novák at the Euros and asked her about the clemency case

Since she resigned from the presidency in the wake of the clemency case, Katalin Novák has completely disappeared from the public eye. We caught up with her in Stuttgart at the European Football...

European Commission recommends opening excessive deficit procedure against Hungary due to...

Along with Hungary, six other governments were recommended for a new excessive deficit procedure. High deficits would have to be brought down with national plans or penalties could follow.

It is rare to see the astonishing disappearance of taxpayer billions in such detail

Direkt36 uncovered another story about the operations of a state company that secretly financed several important projects of the Orbán government. Internal documents reveal in great detail how...

Péter Magyar to take up seat in EP, promises to donate half of salary to charity

In six months' time, he plans to hold a vote among his party's adherents again, about whether he should give up his mandate.

Arte: France turns to the far right

France's far-right topped polls in 93% of towns and villages across France in the European elections, prompting President Macron to call snap elections.

Hungarian confectioner's macarons recognised by prestigious French award

Budapest's Chez Dodo has been a favourite with locals for the past ten years. It has now been named one of the top five confectioners in the ranking the French La Liste.

Karácsony files appeal, asks for a repeat of election for mayor of Budapest

Even though Friday's recount confirmed him as the winner, he says that the democratic legitimacy of an election should not depend on who won and who lost.

Magyar's followers support him taking up his seat in EP

The vice-president of the TISZA Party held a vote on whether he should take up his mandate as an MEP for the next five-year term. Although he previously hadn't planned on it, he said that both his...

Orbán vows to unite forces of European right

At Monday's EU summit the Hungarian PM held meetings with Giorgia Meloni, the former Polish and Slovenian Prime Ministers, and said the EPP was ignoring the will of the European people.

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