Péter Magyar is a stuck-up little nobody – Schmidt

Fidesz members aren't in agreement about how much of a threat Péter Magyar's appearance poses for the party, but they are certain that the opposition has more to fear in the new situation. We asked...

Integrity Authority unable to perform task it was set up for, its president says

The establishment of the Hungarian anti-corruption body was part of a package delivered in order to gain access to the EU funds withheld from Hungary over the EC's concerns about the rule of law in...

Orbán: Freedom of speech is in bad shape in Europe

The Hungarian PM also spoke about how he believes migration should be handled, the problems Ukrainian grain is causing for Hungary, and more in his interview on Hungarian public radio.

Buda's historic Király baths likely to be renovated with help of Turkish-Hungarian foundation

The renovation of the almost five-hundred-year old Király baths has been long overdue. Now it seems that a Turkish-Hungarian foundation and the Hungarian state are ready to help. We took a look...

EP draft resolution says Hungary's Sovereignty Protection Act violates principle of free and fair...

The authors argue that funding for Hungary should be suspended until all rule of law conditionalities have been met.

Hidden documents dating back to 1944 discovered in Budapest apartment

The valuable documents were found during the demolition of a wall, shedding light on the dire housing situation in Budapest at the time, as well as revealing the history of properties confiscated...

Orbán: We are glad that we are still allowed to speak in Brussels

The Prime Minister said the banning of NATCON and the ensuing suspension of the decision was reminiscent of Hungary in the late 1980s. He also spoke about why the EU needs new leadership.

Eurobarometer: More than three quarters of Hungarians consider EU membership beneficial

Hungarians' perception of the EU has improved in several respects, according to the last EU survey ahead of the June EP elections, with climate change seen as a more important issue than migration.

Brussels conference where Orbán due to speak today allowed to resume following yesterday's ban

The local mayor banned the event on the first day, but this was overturned by a higher level court by the second day, according to the organisers.

The Belgian Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak criticise shutdown of NATCON conference

The Belgian PM said that "preventing people from attending events is detrimental to freedom of expression and democracy", while Rishi Sunak criticised the Belgian authorities.

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