"The ECJ is obviously a political court" – Gulyás

Hungary's relationship with NATO and how Hungarian voters affirmed the government's pro peace stance at the elections were also among the subjects discussed at the government's first press briefing...

European Court of Justice imposes €200 million fine on Hungary for failing to comply with EU...

The fine is much higher than originally proposed. PM Orbán called the decision outrageous and unacceptable, vowed not to give in to the blackmail of Brussels' bureaucrats.

Race for Budapest mayor not over yet, recount of invalid ballots ordered

There were 76 times as many invalid ballots on Sunday as the difference between Karácsony and Vitézy. According to Sunday's count, Karácsony won the race by a difference of just 324 votes.

Orbán to Stoltenberg: Hungary has different views on Ukraine, but will not block majority decisions

The meeting between Hungarian PM Orbán and NATO's Secretary General took place following reports that Hungary could be barred from the B9, the group of the alliance's Eastern European members, over...

Pressman calls out Szijjártó during celebration of US-Hungarian economic relations

The US Ambassador said he was confident that the Hungarian Foreign Minister would agree with him on the importance of US-Hungarian economic relations – if Szijjártó were not in Russia instead.

Hungarian Parliament amends Fundamental Law, abolishing possibility of presidential pardon for...

Parliament also adopted a political statement on "the activities of left-wing MEPs who have caused serious damage to Hungary" and has called on the Sovereignty Protection Authority to investigate.

International election observers call Alexandra Szentkirályi's pre-election withdrawal deceptive

According to the European Network of Election Monitoring Organisations (ENEMO), the Hungarian municipal elections were characterized by inflammatory rhetoric, shadow financing and media bias, among...

Financial Times: Hungary could be barred from Eastern European NATO allies' B9 security group

Patience has run out due to Hungary's continuous vetoing of resolutions on the war in Ukraine, according to diplomats interviewed by the British paper.

In wake of Sunday's defeat, Anna Donáth resigns as head of Momentum, entire leadership follows suit

The party will elect a new leadership in July, with former president András Fekete-Győr already having announced his candidacy for the post of president. Momentum did not make it into the EP and...

These are the 21 who will be representing Hungary in the European Parliament

Of the 21 seats available to Hungary, Fidesz won 11, Tisza Party 7, while DK got 2, and Mi Hazánk one seat in the European Parliament.

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