"Not only will our rubbish be in Europe, so will we"

For years, the Tisza river has been full of waste which comes to Hungary from the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. This year, a project was launched to address the situation.

Hungarian government sends response the EC's questions on Rule of Law

Hungary is ready to negotiate and reach an agreement! – Justice Minister Varga writes.

Gulyás: Ryanair CEO had too much alcohol at too young an age

According to the minister, one can see the signs that Michael O'Leary spent his childhood in an Irish pub. He also shared his view on freedom of the press in Germany.

Fidesz-KDNP would dismantle the EP in its current form

The leaders of the governing parties have set out their ideas on the future of the EU: they say we need a common army but not a common loan.

Ágnes Keleti, the most successful Hungarian gymnast and olympian of all time

At 101 years of age, the five-time olympic champion, Ágnes Keleti is the oldest living olympic champion. Her story is quite remarkable: she originally wanted to be a cellist, survived deportation during the Holocaust with the help of fake documents, and even worked as a maid in the house of a leader in the Hungarian Arrow Cross movement. She won her first olympic gold at the age of 31, and proceeded to win four more four years later.

“The great powers should not try to solve their historical sins with some ridiculous kneeling” – Hungarian State Secretary for Religious and Ethnic Relations

Speaking at a school's opening ceremony, the State Secretary for Religious Affairs addressed the English fans who booed the Hungarian anthem, as well as some of the world's most powerful nations.

Orbán government keeps silent about Russian residency bond owners – even as the EU prepares to end the practice

Fidesz' MEPs did not vote on the EP proposal to review the residency bonds issued to members of the Russian political and economic leadership and their relatives by member states. Several Russian top leaders have previously purchased Hungarian residency bonds.

Orbán: We want peace, but we will fight against "proposals that defy common sense"

Orbán responded to the 44 MEPs who had asked him to "get on the right side of history".

„Would the Prime Minister like to come to our dressing room?”

Ádám Szalai invited the Prime Minister to the team's dressing room while speaking with Telex. We spoke with the Hungarian players who were euphoric following their historic win.

Minister Nagy responds to Ryanair CEO

Nagy hopes that Ryanair does not treat passengers' problems with the same arrogance as they have approached the extra-profit tax introduced by the Hungarian government.

Hungarian president awards Jordan B. Peterson Hungarian Order of Merit

The Canadian psychologist and bestselling author also gave a lecture at the Presidential Palace.

Fidesz group leader urges secret service to monitor NGOs and media platforms funded from abroad

Fidesz' group leader hasn't had the chance to speak with Antal Rogán about his idea yet. He explained his plans to us on Monday.

Telex will belong to the Telex team: the publisher of Telex becomes employee-owned

The publisher of Telex is being transformed: the employees are becoming shareholders. We are planning for the long term, have lots of plans and want to continue growing and developing.

Hungarian state cancels support for charity concert for Ukraine in Budapest

The 9th district of the capital city stepped in to host the event where some of Ukraine's biggest starts will take to the stage to collect donations for the country overrun by Russia three months ago.

The case of the mysterious small aircraft that violated Hungarian airspace

A small Lithuanian aircraft flew across 7 countries including Hungary without authorisation last week. We spoke with an expert about what the authorities can and cannot do in such a case.

Research reveals how Hungarians see Putin and other world leaders

Hungarians say they fear Jews, Muslims, migrants and gypsies less than corrupt politicians and terrorists. The majority do not want to strengthen ties with Russia, belonging to the West is still considered more attractive. Závecz Research conducted a poll on behalf of Telex.

Ryanair and the Hungarian government face off about extra profit tax

Ryanair passes Hungarian extra profit tax onto its passengers, while the government launches consumer protection investigation in response.

Hungarian state loses another court case at European Court of Human Rights

Four children and their parents who were unlawfully detained when seeking asylum have been awarded compensation by the court.

The big question is whether Navracsics will bring in the EU money or take the blame

It is not by chance that Viktor Orbán made it look like he outsourced the supervision of funds expected from the European Union (which are still withheld in many cases) from his ministries which have been plagued by corruption allegations. The persons of Tibor Navracsics and János Lázár could be a guarantee for effective action, but the new government structure and the failure to implement the Brussels recommendations raise serious questions about their success.

Salvini and Navracsics have different ideas on the future of Fidesz

A new debate is unfolding around Hungary's governing party.

Orbán: Hungary’s stance on sanctioning Patriarch Kirill has been well known

The PM says that nobody spoke out against the government's stance at the EU summit this week.

We went to the mass held for Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán is a gift from God, who shines like a torch, revealing the light of the world – the priest said at the mass held for the Prime Minister in the Budapest-Inner City Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. The lonely prime minister, surrounded by enemies, was greeted with mass and prayer for the tenth time this year on his birthday, where we also found out that liberalism is exactly the same as Nazism.

Croatian Prime Minister: Hungary will lose the case if the dual fuel price case goes to court

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic believes that the Hungarian decision is clearly a failure to fulfill member state obligations.

Orbán: “Families can sleep well tonight, we defended the utility bill cuts!”

"The EC's proposal would have been equal to a nuclear bomb thrown at our economy, but we successfully thwarted the most audacious idea" – Orbán.

Katalin Novák: We demand an investigation of all war crimes in Ukraine

The President wore Ukraine's national colours and condemned the Russian aggression and demanded an investigation and the "adequate punishment of those who committed these barbaric acts".

Opposition voters do not share their parties' pro-Ukraine stance

Those who justified their party choice in the election with the war in Ukraine are more sympathetic towards Russia, according to a study by CEU's Institute for Democracy. According to the survey, Russia and Ukraine are the two least liked countries among Hungarians. The EU is at the top of the list, but the political camps diverge in their attitude toward the West.

Fidesz went all in for the future of Europe, but the excitement shifted to anger

The Hungarian government is not happy with the outcome of the conference on the future of the EU, but half of the member states are also upset about some of the proposals. The EP is enthusiastic, but it's up to national governments to decide what practical results will come out of this attempt to engage EU citizens.

Hungarian space tech company wins second prize in NASA competition

They already won the grand prize in round one, and have sent several working prototypes to NASA for testing.

The tenth modification of the Fundamental Law approved by Parliament

The "granite-solid" Foundational Law of Hungary has been modified for the tenth time, making it possible for the government to declare a state of danger in case of a war in a neighbouring country.

Hungarian teachers work unprecedented hours for shockingly low salaries

The European Commission presented its findings about the state of education in member states on Monday. The report doesn't have much good to say about the education system in Hungary.