Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)
Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)


A sovereignty protection bill to be tabled in autumn "against left-wing journalists, pseudo-NGOs...

Hungary's economic, cultural and political sovereignty is under attack – the Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary group determined at their two-day meeting in Esztergom. There is little chance of a vote on...

"Russian spy bank" should pay out HUF 15 billion to Hungarian investors in September

Whether the International Investment Bank will be able to pay its Hungarian bondholders before 28 September will test the strength of Hungarian diplomacy. In a similar situation before, the US has...

Orbán: Hungary is an irritant for the globalists

The Hungarian Prime Minister marked out the stakes and the main tasks of the next nine months at the autumn off-site meeting of the governing parties' parliamentary group.

US ambassador to Hungary threatened with death, Prosecutor's Office investigates case

"Resign, you f***t, if you don't want to leave Hungary in a coffin," was the message the accused left on the US Embassy's social media page. He soon received a visit from the police.

EU Cohesion and Reforms Commissioner: discussion on EU payments for Hungary “constructive”

We spoke with Elisa Ferreira about her meeting with Hungary's Minister for Regional Development, and also asked when Hungary may expect to receive the currently blocked EU funds.

I haven't been able to cry yet, but I'm sure it would feel good

Hungarian doctor Zsófia Zádor spent seven days in the 1040-metre deep Morca cave in Turkey, treating American caver Mark Dickey's life-threatening condition. We spoke with her after she returned...

Ukraine to sue Hungary over its unilateral extension of ban on Ukrainian grain imports

Last Friday, the EC decided to allow Ukrainian grain imports across the EU again, but Hungary, Poland and Slovakia disagree with the decision, and have introduced their own ban.

OLAF opens investigation into canopy walkway without a canopy built in Hungary, using EU funds

The EU Anti-Fraud Office responded to the report submitted by Anna Donáth (MEP) and Ákos Hadházy (MP) this spring.

Orbán, Meloni and Novák on the importance of families at the Demographic Summit in Budapest

The Budapest Museum of Fine Arts is the venue for this year's gathering of "pro-family" forces. Today's speakers included Italian PM Giorgia Meloni, Viktor Orbán, and Katalin Novák.

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