Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)
Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)


The Hungarian doctor who was mistaken for Mengele, the feared Nazi doctor, and who translated...

Sándor Lénárd switched homelands three times, and although he was forced to flee the Nazis, in Brazil he was once mistaken for Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor. He had the unusual idea of...

The captured American spy plane that crashed during a Hungarian pleasure flight

On August 6th, 1961, a former US spy plane, which had been turned into a passenger plane crashed in Budapest, killing 30 people. But how did it end up in Hungary, and why did it crash?

Orbán’s long-time advisor resigns, calling his speech on mixed-race Goebbels-like

In her letter to the Prime Minister, the sociologist wrote that even the most devoted racists would have loved his speech.

The head of the government's media holding: Telex is fake news

We have tried to interview the man in charge of the Hungarian government's media holding several times in the past – unsuccessfully. This is the closest we have come to him telling us why he...

Orbán is proclaiming Russian propaganda – Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesman

Europe's economic crisis is not due to the sanctions, but because of the Russian hybrid war" – Nikolenko said.

Orbán's key word for the season ahead: staying out

In his speech in Transylvania, Orbán spoke about the disappearing west, the gender craze, the Hungarian race, and how Hungary intends to handle the energy crisis over the weekend.

Transparency: Justice Minister's proposals insufficient for curbing corruption

According to the organisation, the two proposals submitted by the Minister of Justice for tackling corruption are necessary, but far from sufficient.

Telex's fourth transparency report

Another six months have passed, and as promised, we are once again here to report in detail on Telex's development and financial situation.

Parliament passes proposal which recommends dismantling the EP in its current form

They also condemn the sanctions against Russia. This pro-government resolution is to be represented by the Hungarian government in EU debates from now on.

President Novák signs new tax law

According to the President, "in these extraordinary times it is not right that the Head of State should put obstacles in the way of Parliament's decision." The opposition parties will most likely...