Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)
Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)


Fact-check: One million Ukrainian refugees are not to blame for Hungary's record-high inflation

Ohio Senator J. D. Vance tried to figure out the reason for Hungary's record-high inflation. Here's a look at the facts.

Orbán: The development of the armed forces must not slow down

The Hungarian prime minister met with the CEO of the German arms manufacturer, Rheinmetall.

Szijjártó: What the US ambassador thinks is completely irrelevant

David Pressman said that the Hungarian government is pushing policies endorsed by Putin. The Hungarian foreign minister responded by saying that Hungarian internal political processes are none of...

Hungarian state responsible for Syrian refugee's death – ECHR rules

Hungary is to pay 34 thousand euros in damages to the brother of the 22-year-old man.

Croatia to pay $235 million in damages to Hungarian oil giant MOL

The Croats have already allocated the amount in the state budget after the case of the two parties spent years in international arbitration courts.

Hungarian Judicial Council, a stakeholder in judicial reform package, disagrees with several...

Through the judicial reform package, the Hungarian government hopes to gain access to EU funds on hold due to rule of law concerns.

Social acceptance of LGBTQI people has not decreased significantly in Hungary, research reveals

The research conducted on behalf of Háttér Társaság also revealed that the majority of Hungarians believe that same-sex couples could be good parents.

Kyiv to Hungarian ambassador: 'Anti-Ukrainian rhetoric' must stop!

Ukraine protested over "disparaging" comments made by Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Szijjártó: The Turkic States would award the Nobel Peace Prize to Turkish President Erdoğan

The Hungarian Foreign Minister spoke highly of Turkey's mediation role in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Transparency International: Hungary is the most corrupt country in the EU

Corruption has increased in Hungary over the past year according to the international organization.

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