Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)
Andrea Horváth Kávai (translation)


Update on the burnt ballots: an attempt to create the appearance of electoral fraud?

The Romanian authorities have a working hypothesis about the partially burnt Hungarian election ballots found at a landfill in Romania in late March. Our colleagues at Transtelex bring this report...

As the forint weakens, more foreigners are looking to buy real estate in Hungary

In the last few months, more and more sellers started stating the price of their property in euros when advertising.

Orbán's illiberal theatre

All the makings of democracy seem to be in place in Hungary, but these are all simply the props of Viktor Orbán’s illiberal theatre. In this video, we show the gradual shrinking of the public sphere...

Orbán: We cannot keep vetoing EU decisions week after week

The alarm bells went off in the Prime Minister's head after the NATO summit. The military development programme will be increased by two to three times, and a "border-hunter" unit will be set up....

Covid-19 skepticism and being Russia-friendly go hand in hand in Hungary too

The research conducted in Hungary by "Political Capital" shows that those who believe the conspiracy theories about the pandemic are several times more likely to believe Putin's disinformation....

"Not only will our rubbish be in Europe, so will we"

For years, the Tisza river has been full of waste which comes to Hungary from the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. This year, a project was launched to address the situation.

Hungarian government sends response the EC's questions on Rule of Law

Hungary is ready to negotiate and reach an agreement! – Justice Minister Varga writes.

Gulyás: Ryanair CEO had too much alcohol at too young an age

According to the minister, one can see the signs that Michael O'Leary spent his childhood in an Irish pub. He also shared his view on freedom of the press in Germany.

Fidesz-KDNP would dismantle the EP in its current form

The leaders of the governing parties have set out their ideas on the future of the EU: they say we need a common army but not a common loan.

Ágnes Keleti, the most successful Hungarian gymnast and olympian of all time

At 101 years of age, the five-time olympic champion, Ágnes Keleti is the oldest living olympic champion. Her story is quite remarkable: she originally wanted to be a cellist, survived deportation...