A first in Hungary: foetus anesthetised in womb to receive blood transfusion

The surgical sensation was performed at Semmelweis University in Budapest.

CPAC Hungary a no woke zone, so Dutch public TV not welcome either

Several Dutch media outlets would have liked to report from the event because Geert Wilders, whose party won the most votes in their country's last elections will also be among the speakers.

Szabad Európa: Xi Jinping to visit Budapest in early May

The Chinese leader is said to be arriving in Budapest after visits to France and Serbia.

Arte: The underground world of Europe’s drug trade

A secretive Moroccan mafia organisation is behind a new influx of cocaine flowing through Europe’s ports.

A bomb destroyed his home in Bakhmut, now he wants to win the Olympics for Hungary

Pylyp Akilov was born in Ukraine and has been living in Hódmezővásárhely for the past two years. He competed for Hungary at last year's World Boxing Championships and finished fifth. The first...

MCC’s luxury spending leaked, from a €250 thousand winter camp to blatantly expensive receptions

While at other Hungarian colleges the students themselves prepare the sandwiches for their events, the taxpayer-funded Mathias Corvinus Collegium spends huge sums on parties and events, hotel stays...

“The entire ruling elite is terrified” – Péter Magyar’s protest

Despite the government's attempts to discredit him, Budapest's Kossuth Square was filled with people at Péter Magyar's demonstration. The former Fidesz-insider has simultaneously criticized both...

Orbán accepts award from Dodik, considers it an authorisation

The controversial award was previously presented to Putin by the Bosnian Serb leader. The Hungarian PM said that international politics has been unfair towards the Serbs, who belong in the EU.

Orbán likely to ruffle feathers if he really accepts the medal previously awarded to Putin

The leader of the Bosnian Serbs has called Orbán "a great friend of Republic Srpska". While Orbán has recently put significantly more energy into Hungary's relationship with the Serb entity of...

Fábián Marozsán, the killer of giants

Last April, the young Hungarian tennis player drove himself to a small race in Croatia, where he was immediately eliminated. But something clicked in him at that point, and since then he has beaten...

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