Péter Magyar can make people get out of their armchairs, his MEP candidate says

His health education TikTok channel has hundreds of thousands of followers, but András Kulja is now likely to make it into the EP as a candidate of Péter Magyar's Tisza Party. In our interview, we...

They sent the police on us so Szijjártó could dodge our questions

We wanted to ask the Hungarian Foreign Minister about the Russian hacking attack on the Foreign Ministry at a publicly announced forum in Kalocsa, but when they found out who we were, the organisers...

Speaker of Hungarian Parliament calls Ukraine non-existent state

We sneaked into László Kövér's campaign event where he also said that the EU is intended to become a province of a transatlantic global empire, and that the end of the Russia-Ukraine war is not up...

Even the highest medal of honour could not save him from dying in a labour camp

Attila Petschauer was an exceptionally talented fencer who had won two Olympic gold medals for Hungary. In spite of this, he was taken to a labour camp in 1942 and eventually died, emaciated, in a...

Five skaters compete for Hungary at the World Figure Skating Championships, all born in Russia and...

Last year in Saitama there was at least one competitor who was born in Hungary, Júlia Láng, but she is not on the team this year.

Szentkirályi appointed her campaign manager, Vitézy also to run for mayor of Budapest

After the Budapest organisation of the ruling party Fidesz announced at the end of last week that it will support government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi in the Budapest mayoral election, the...

We asked Orbán if he knows why Endre K. received a presidential pardon

A few dozen booing demonstrators awaited the Hungarian and Slovakian prime ministers outside the V4 meeting in Prague. We questioned Viktor Orbán about the clemency case.

Even the Serbian President reacted to the news of Navalny's death, but Orbán and Szijjártó did not

Among the EU member states only the members of the Hungarian government did not react to the death of the Russian opposition politician and activist.

Fidesz parliamentary group now supports Swedish NATO membership

Fidesz parliamentary group leader Máté Kocsis asks the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament to put the issue of Swedish accession to NATO on the agenda for 26 February.

The government will not even talk to the US delegation on Swedish membership of NATO

A delegation of US Republican and Democratic senators arrived in Hungary on Sunday to investigate why the issue of Swedish membership of NATO has stalled in the Hungarian parliament.

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