The “Father of the Nation” who drank so much he woke up on a Russian warship

Although a personality cult around Miklós Horthy was already established in his lifetime, the former governor had confessed to some youthful adventures in his memoirs which cast a shadow over his...

New, state-funded geography textbook's Kremlin-friendly chapter on Ukraine

It's almost as if the geography textbook's chapter on Ukraine was written in Moscow.

Hungarian government to set up an anti-corruption authority

The hope is that this will remove the obstacles to Hungary receiving EU funds which have been withheld due to EU concerns about corruption and a general lack of protection of the EU's financial...

Marcell Rév receives Emmy for his work on the hit series Euphoria

This was the second time the Hungarian cinematographer was nominated.

Director with close ties to Orbán government upset over EU leaders not attending Gorbachev funeral

The historian with very close ties to the Orbán government expressed her outrage over the absence of German politicians at Gorbachev's funeral. She added that Germans are cowards and ungrateful.

Hungarian students protest for their teachers

The students who took to the streets for their teachers spoke about a desperate lack of educators and an unfairly low pay. They said they are speaking up for their teachers to encourage them to...

Government-backed study finds Chinese Covid vaccine performs worst

Even as a booster vaccine, it is significantly less effective than the other vaccines used in Hungary. Although published a month ago, the study was not publicly reported on in any form.

Hungarian Holocaust survivors silently protest bust of Horthy being placed in Parliament

Six Holocaust survivors protested silently in Parliament, where the far right party, Mi Hazánk unveiled a statue of Miklós Horthy. They felt obliged to speak up and cannot understand how this can...

New US Ambassador to Hungary welcomed only by lower ranking official

After his arrival, David Pressman greeted everyone in Hungarian, and spoke about Rubik's Cube and the friendship between the two countries, after the mutually cold statements made earlier by both...

Teachers' Union announces upcoming strike, turns to foreign press

The educators' advocacy group held a press conference wearing all black – to show their mourning of the state of the country's public education system.