EC review sees improvement on use of EU funds in Hungary, but systemic irregularities remain

According to an EU review, the Hungarian system is no longer considered "critically poor", but there are still some pending issues.

Rogán: Telex is against the government, Fidesz doesn't have a media of its own

The Hungarian press had a rare opportunity in parliament on Monday: following a committee meeting, we had the chance to ask Antal Rogán a few questions. We asked the minister of propaganda about the...

Arte: Would a larger EU mean a stronger Europe? We chew over the myriad ways that an expanded EU...

This week on ARTE Europe weekly: big questions loom over the future of the European project and its readiness to accept new members.

Orbán: The Hungarian political system is much more democratic than the Western one

Speaking at a conference on sovereignty, the Hungarian PM also said that Hungary is the voice of the European people, and that his government wants pluralism in Hungary.

Photo series featuring gays fenced off with black tape at Hungary's Museum of Ethnography

A sign has been put up and an usher assigned to warn visitors that the fenced off portion is off limits for those under 18.

Hungary is lucky because its patriotic government protects its patriotic media, Szijjártó says

Speaking in Guatemala City, the Hungarian FM also said that in Europe they consider Hungary a dictatorship because it's not the liberals who are governing.

Orbán: I thank God that I don't live in a country where 10-20 percent of the population are migrants

The Hungarian PM explained why the government is submitting a new Aliens Act, and why he believes Ukraine's EU accession shouldn't even be up for discussion. A summary of his weekly radio interview.

Brussels is trying to blackmail Hungary over Ukraine's EU accession – Gulyás

Speaking at the government's press briefing, the Minister also said that their country's NATO accession doesn't seem to be important to the Swedes.

Filipino drivers recruited for Budapest public transportation buses

The Hungarian company looked for help in the South-East Asian country due to a shortage in Hungarian applicants for the job. The new recruits have signed two-year contracts, and will also learn...

Woody Allen sends video greeting to Hungarian actor playing his character for forty years

Allen congratulated András Kern on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Hungarian premiere of Play it again, Sam!

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