We asked Orbán when Hungarian teachers will be given a raise

We asked Viktor Orbán and his government members why members of the newly established “border hunter” unit are being paid more than Hungarian teachers – especially in light of the teachers’ constant...

We lost our monarch – and we didn't expect it to feel this way

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to report from London the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, to show our Hungarian readers how the British are mourning their longest-reigning monarch....

Hungarian figure skater Vivien Papp to compete for another country – as too many Russian skaters...

There will be four athletes representing Hungary at this fall's junior grand prix. Neither of them is of Hungarian descent.

How strong is Telex? What have we achieved so far?

We are not even two years old yet, but in such a short time we have certainly achieved much, and are doing more every day. Here is the latest edition of Telex News!

How Queen Elizabeth II won the hearts of Hungarians in 1993

Not all politicians understood why she found it important to visit a homeless shelter. The Queen also went to the countryside where local horsemen welcomed her with „pálinka”, sausage, roasted liver...

Propaganda in the geography book, part 2: NATO and the USA are to blame for the Yugoslav wars

Students are asked to interpret a shocking caricature, and there is no reference to the real causes of the war, nor any mention of ethnic cleansing.

Orbán: There won't be enough energy in Europe because of the war and the sanctions

The Prime Minister also said that there will be no energy shortage in Hungary.

The government to order temperature to be kept at 18 degrees in public institutions

At the government briefing, Gergely Gulyás also said that there are no more public procurement abuses in Hungary than elsewhere and that the Hungarian judiciary is the most independent one in Europe.

Another public institution is hardly a cure for corruption in Hungary

If the government really wanted to give the area of fighting corruption to an independent body, why not join the European Public Prosecutor's Office?

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry demands change of passage about Ukraine in Hungarian textbook

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs understandably does not approve of Russian propaganda being taught in Hungarian schools.