Orbán's daughter purchased property in Tokaj that state had pre-emptive rights to, but which were...

The government issued a regulation in 2017 giving the state the right of first refusal on properties located in World Heritage sites. However, in May, this was removed from the title deeds of the...

Head of Ukrainian President's Office proposes Orbán-Zelensky meeting, Szijjártó says it's only...

According to the Hungarian side, such a meeting would require thorough preparation and preliminary discussions.

Fidesz would have parliament declare that Ukraine is not ready to join the EU

"Now is not the time to play games," German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said Tuesday.

Orbán reveals reins of foreign policy not in Szijjártó's hands

The Hungarian PM spoke about a redefined radicalism, and about adapting to constantly changing situations as well as what a foreign policy based on the national interest is.

Szijjártó suggests they didn’t want to be hindrance to Orbán-Poroshenko meeting

The Hungarian Foreign Minister said that Orbán is happy to talk to anyone, but he did not disclose what the topic of the planned meeting with the former Ukrainian president would have been.

Mr Pressman is riding the ghost train of history – Zoltán Kovács

Hungary's State Secretary for International Communication didn't like the US ambassador's criticism of the government's latest billboards featuring Alex Soros and Ursula von der Leyen.

Hungarian sailing team wins world championship

They were the only team in the finals from a landlocked country, making their success even more remarkable.

Arte: Is an end to AIDS in sight? Could the UN's plan work, even though only three people have...

Arte spoke to a doctor who was on the medical team that managed to cure a man of HIV.

More than a hundred Hungarian NGOs unite to protest against introduction of sovereignty protection...

In their opinion, a country where people are not able to represent their own interests is not a democracy.

Orbán: The EU shouldn’t even begin discussing Ukraine’s EU accession

The Hungarian Prime Minister also said that in the past, Hungary "has chosen the tactic of making sure it's there to attend the funerals of empires", and "this is the plan for the future as well".

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