Reality is on our side – says Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács

"Hungarian citizens can say that they agree with what is happening in the European Union regarding energy sanctions, but they can also indicate that they agree with the government's point of view,"...

Hungarian population is on the decrease: 12 per cent fewer children born in October than last year

According to preliminary data, 7,361 children were born in October 2022, while 10,808 people died in Hungary.

Can the newly established Integrity Authority be a real weapon against corruption?

The work at Hungary’s newly established Integrity Authority has already begun. It remains to be seen how committed the new body will be to uncovering corruption. The opposition parties are calling...

Hungarian developer receives $70,000 reward from Google

Dávid Schütz discovered a serious issue in the authentication process of Android devices.

Cannonball from Ottoman times found in Kőszeg while gardening

The almost five-hundred-year-old projectile doesn't contain pyrotechnic material.

Navracsics didn't refute that the EC is expected to suspend 7.5 billion euros of funding from...

On the other hand, the minister is glad that Hungary will be able to sign the agreements about the cohesion fund and the recovery fund with the EC by the end of the year.

Our report from Kherson: „The Russians did everything they could to teach us to be afraid"

Telex has reported from war-torn Ukraine from the beginning of the Russian aggression, working to bring first-hand information to Hungarian readers. This is our report from recently liberated Kherson.

Jonas Jonasson: Nothing as stupid as mankind

The central theme of the new book of the most famous and wittiest Swedish author, Jonas Jonasson is corruption. In it, he takes the characters from Sweden to Italy and to a fictitious banana...

EP resolution declares Russia a terrorist state, Fidesz MEPs in room but didn't vote

MEPs from Hungary's ruling party chose to remain quiet on the matter.

Did Orbán vote for the sanctions? According to Fidesz MPs, it's not that simple

The Hungarian administration has been fiercely critical of the EU sanctions imposed on Russia, even though PM Orbán also voted for them. Fidesz MPs explain that the PM voted for them, but not in...