Cleaner in Budapest high school offered higher pay than bilingual teacher

In Hungary, it's better to study to be an afternoon cleaner, than a history teacher teaching in English.

We have no intention of not delivering on our commitments – Navracsics

"We did not make these commitments with the purpose of bedazzling the European Commission" the Minister for EU Resources said. He declined to comment on the possible withholding of 3,000 billion...

Radio Free Europe: Orbán spoke about the point of EU membership and the disintegration of the EU...

He spoke about developing an economic model similar to Chinese state capitalism in Hungary, and grooming a new generation of Fidesz to govern until 2060 – according to Radio Free Europe, these are...

Hungarian PM Orbán awarded highest state honour of Serbia

Answering a question from the press after the receiving the award, Orbán called the EP's report adopted on Thursday a joke.

Fidesz reactions to the EP ruling: a disregard for the free will of the Hungarian people

Following the EP vote declaring that Hungary can no longer be considered a democracy, but is instead "an electoral autocracy", the epithets are flooding in.

The Invisible Migration

Many people, mostly women, go to work from Romania to Hungary and from Hungary even further west. They provide elderly care for wealthier families, usually working off the books. Their work is also...

Bills aiming to establish trust between Hungary and the EU to be submitted next week – Navracsics

The Hungarian minister responsible for the use of EU funds reacted to the unofficial information that the EU might hold back up to 70% of the cohesion funds earmarked for Hungary.

"The Russians are in the pantry" – the new mini statue of sculptor Mihály Kolodkó installed in the...

The sculptor is reflecting on the Russian-Ukrainian war with a famous quote from a Hungarian comedy.

Teachers' Unions turn to European Court of Human Rights about their right to strike

The government took away their right to strike with a decree, so they appealed at the Constitutional Court. Their appeal was rejected, so now they are taking their case to Strasbourg.

Why I left public education after 13 years – a teacher's story

Dorottya Lendvai left her job in public education this year, even though she had dreamt of being a teacher since the age of six. The road to making this decision was hard for the mathematics and...