Orbán is not alone yet, but for a moment, Poland wavered

The Hungarian-Polish veto of the EU's next seven-year budget over the rule of law conditionality has upended European politics. Last week, there seemed to be a blemish on the strong alliance of Orbán and Morawiecki, however, Poland nearly walking back on the veto may instead be a sign of tensions within the country's governing coalition.

Orbán suggests Fidesz should leave the EPP Group

In a letter to Manfred Weber, the leader of the EPP Group, Viktor Orbán suggests a new type of cooperation between Fidesz and the political family, one in which Fidesz is effectively no longer a member.

Hungary maintains strict COVID-19 restrictions for another month

The measures announced in November will remain in effect until 11 November, New Year's Eve is definitely cancelled, but Christmas is still up in the air.

The storybook that opened a rift in Hungary

Petitions, book shredding, and clashes among commentators and celebrities: news of the book A Fairy Tale for Everyone spread quickly along with claims of it being homosexual propaganda. We sat down with some of the people who worked on the book and learned that the situation is not at all what it seems.

EPP Group to decide on excluding Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch

30 members of the EPP Group want the MEP of Hungarian governing party excluded over his comments comparing group leader Manfred Weber to the Gestapo.

Szájer quits Fidesz over scandal, Orbán condemns his actions, orgy's host speaks out

Following his scandal, MEP József Szájer had left his party behind while Hungarian PM described his actions as "unacceptable and inexcusable." Here is our summary of what happened since the start of the scandal.

In response to Szájer's scandal, the Hungarian Government cordons itself off from the press

At Wednesday's cabinet meeting, we tried to ask members of the Hungarian Government about the sex scandal of MEP József Szájer and its effects on EU policy, but we were stopped by police.

MEP József Szájer admits to attending lockdown-breaking party in Brussels

The MEP was allegedly found climbing down the gutter while trying to flee from a police raid on a sex party that violated lockdown measures.

The world beyond hospital gates remains hidden in Hungary

Even though it is standard practice in the international press to report from hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hungarian healthcare system does not allow journalists or photographers beyond the gates, and Telex gets no answers at all from the government's coronavirus task force.

Poland and Hungary insist on vetoing the rule of law mechanism

The heads of the Hungarian and Polish governments held a meeting in Budapest on Thursday afternoon where they made it clear: they find linking EU funds to rule of law criteria unacceptable and they stand by the veto announced earlier.

Index.hu sold, editor-in-chief resigns

The once independent Index.hu is now an indirect property of Miklós Vaszily, an active participant in turning Index.hu's former competitor, Origo, into a government mouthpiece.

Orbán's media war will never end

Even though a year ago, Orbán said that Hungarian media is finally balanced, his skirmishes against independent media have not stopped – Telex explains the ins and outs of Orbán's never-ending media war.

EPP: We will convince the Hungarian government about rule of law conditionality

The Hungarian Prime Minister has announced the political veto of the EU's next 7-year budget over rule of law conditionality, but his party's political family, the EPP, is not willing to give up on the budgetary mechanism. Interview with Pedro Lopez de Pablo, the EPP's Director of Press and Communications.

Telex's first-ever transparency report

This is not just our story. It is yours too. As promised, here is the first transparency report of Telex.

Hungary tightens COVID-19 restrictions with last-minute emergency decree, here are the details

Late on Tuesday night, the emergency decree on the toughest restrictions against COVID-19 Hungary has ever seen finally came out 90 minutes before it entered into effect. Here are the details (with some surprises) and a summary of what went down while Hungary waited.

Hungarian constitutional amendment to crack down on gender issues, narrow definition of public funds

Making Fidesz hip, no matter the cost

Hungarian governing party Fidesz has been trying to capture the elusive youth vote for quite some time, and following the grim results of the 2019 local elections, they are throwing even more money at the problem. Here is how.

Hungary introduces toughest restrictions yet in an effort to curb COVID-19

A curfew between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM, shops to close by 7:00 PM, a ban on events and gatherings; Hungary tightens restrictions starting from midnight on Tuesday.

SZFE leadership shuts down ongoing semester, protesting students called to vacate campus

Students occupying the campus have been protesting the overhaul of the university's structure since before the start of the academic year, new university leadership now makes another attempt to stop education and empty the building.

Coronavirus in Hungary: What on Earth is a "state of danger?"

A special legal order is in effect in Hungary once again since Wednesday. We will only see what this will bring in practice in the following weeks, but for now, Telex is here to explain everything you need to know about the so-called "state of danger."

Hungary introduces curfew and special legal order over COVID-19

There will be a curfew in Hungary between midnight and 5:00 AM, and the government has also introduced the so-called "state of danger" once again, despite having said after the end of the first wave that this would not be necessary due to the newly adopted healthcare crisis regulations.

Trump's defeat would be a loss for Orbán as well

How could the US presidential election influence Hungarian politics? Telex explains.

Hungary introduces stricter rules on masks and higher fines for rulebreakers

Business owners face fines of up to a million Forints and possibly a year of closure if they fail to enforce facemasks rules on their premises.

Most Hungarians Would Not Vaccinate Themselves Against COVID

Although pandemic deniers are always louder than the silent majority, most people respect the guidelines regarding mask wearing and social distancing, and believe in the purpose of them as well. But Hungary is very much divided when it comes to vaccination. Find out the latest Hungarian research regarding the pandemic.

Internet cut off at Budapest arts university buildings as student protests continue

Internet has been intentionally shut off at the buildings of the prestigious University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) in Budapest, where students continue to courageously guard the main buildings of the University by rooms.

Telex goes online

Editor-in-chief Veronika Munk and managing director Márton Kárpáti welcome readers.

More people support free press in Hungary than ever before

Index.hu Zrt’s former staff starts collecting donations for a new site called ‘Telex.hu’

Launching Telex.hu is an ambitious, large-scale project, and we need all the help we can get.