Orbán on inflation and George Soros making money from the war

In this morning's radio interview the Hungarian PM spoke about inflation, war and peace, George Soros, and windfall taxes.

Orbán: “Hungary has become the last Christian-conservative bastion of the Western world”

Viktor Orbán was today officially inaugurated as Hungary’s prime minister for the fifth time. Here’s a summary of his speech on the occasion.

Horvát levéltár: „Orbán úr nyilvánvalóan eltévedt a történelem egy villanásában”

A miniszterelnök Magyarországtól elvett tengerről szóló kijelentése diplomáciai vihar után egy vaskos kioktatást is eredményezett.

Hungary to host start of Giro d'Italia '22 this weekend

Why is Hungary hosting part of an Italian cycling race? Are there Hungarian competitors as well? Let us bring you up to speed on all you need to know about the next 3 days of one of the world’s most important cycling competitions set to take place amidst Hungarian scenery.

NGOs to be fined for encouraging invalid votes at the Hungarian government’s child protection referendum

Following the unsuccessful child protection referendum of the government on 3 April, the National Election Committee fined the NGOs which had campaigned to encourage voters to cast invalid votes. The NGOs did so because they considered the referendum to be anti-LGBTQI, and was aiming to incite hatred towards members of the LGBTQI community.

Orbán: On Europe, Hungary's place within it, Russia, and more

Following his party's election victory, Viktor Orbán held his first press conference on Wednesday afternoon. We bring you a summary of what was said – among others – about Europe and Hungary's place in it, Hungary's policy on Russia, and its relationship with Poland.

Márki-Zay: "My conscience is clear. I did all I could"

In his concession speech, Márki-Zay admitted that he was devastated by the result, but stressed that his conscience is clear, he did all he could. He promised that he is here to stay and he would keep fighting.

"We have won a victory so huge it can be seen all the way from the Moon! And Brussels!" – Orbán's victory speech

Viktor Orbán is set to form a government in Hungary for the fifth time. He gave his victory speech in front of a cheering crowd in Budapest. These are the highlights of what he had to say.

Orbán's weekly radio interview: The opposition is playing with fire

This morning on Kossuth Radio, Viktor Orbán gave his last Friday-morning interview before the elections. This is one of the platforms where, for years now, he has been sharing what the government deems most important to communicate to the country. Here are the 3 main points he touched on today, and an extra, 4th subject.

Márki-Zay: Ukraine is fighting our war

Hungary’s united opposition held a campaign closing event in the southern city of Pécs, where Péter Márki-Zay commented on the latest opinion polls, and whether he has spoken with Zelensky.

The blaming game in the Hungarian campaign: who’s “working for the Russians”, and who “for the Ukrainians”

With just days to go before the election in Hungary, the government and the united opposition are taking turns throwing accusations at each other about who’s “working for the Russians”, and who “for the Ukrainians”.

I wanted to be a teacher before, but I don't any more

Hungarian teachers have been on strike in many schools since March 16th, demanding higher pay and a lower workload. Their students organised a solidarity protest to express their support.

Katalin Novák to be next president of Hungary

The Hungarian Parliament's two-thirds majority has elected the country's new president: Katalin Novák. The former Minister for Family Affairs has vowed to "serve the whole Hungarian nation with faith, soul, and heart."

Orbán’s weekly radio interview: NATO will only protect us if we protect ourselves

The Hungarian prime minister doesn't know what on earth Brussels is doing. In his opinion, the EU is good at talking, but the nation-states are the ones doing anything at all. A 3-point summary of the most important things touched on by Orbán in his usual Friday morning radio interview.

Afghanistan: A journey from war to terror

Telex’s journalist travelled to Afghanistan to speak to locals about life under the new Taliban regime. If you are interested in knowing how everyday life has changed there since the Taliban took over, then watch our video (English subtitles available)!

Telex asked Orbán allies: have power and influence changed Viktor Orbán?

We wanted to find out how those around him see Viktor Orbán after so many years in power, and received even more than we came for. Zsolt Bayer, the most influential pro-government journalist and media personality even told us what the trouble with Telex is.