Hungary maintains strict COVID-19 restrictions for another month
The measures announced in November will remain in effect until 11 November, New Year's Eve is definitely cancelled, but Christmas is still up in the air.
The world beyond hospital gates remains hidden in Hungary
Even though it is standard practice in the international press to report from hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hungarian healthcare system does not allow journalists or photographers...
Hungary tightens COVID-19 restrictions with last-minute emergency decree, here are the details
Late on Tuesday night, the emergency decree on the toughest restrictions against COVID-19 Hungary has ever seen finally came out 90 minutes before it entered into effect. Here are the details (with...
Hungary introduces toughest restrictions yet in an effort to curb COVID-19
A curfew between 8:00 PM and 5:00 AM, shops to close by 7:00 PM, a ban on events and gatherings; Hungary tightens restrictions starting from midnight on Tuesday.
Coronavirus in Hungary: What on Earth is a "state of danger?"
A special legal order is in effect in Hungary once again since Wednesday. We will only see what this will bring in practice in the following weeks, but for now, Telex is here to explain everything...
Hungary introduces curfew and special legal order over COVID-19
There will be a curfew in Hungary between midnight and 5:00 AM, and the government has also introduced the so-called "state of danger" once again, despite having said after the end of the first wave...
Hungary introduces stricter rules on masks and higher fines for rulebreakers
Business owners face fines of up to a million Forints and possibly a year of closure if they fail to enforce facemasks rules on their premises.
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