200.000 euros have arrived for Telex

2021. március 25. – 10:26


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On March 23, Telex received the donation of the Economia Czech publishing company, 200 thousand euros!

Economia, one of the largest Czech publishing companies, made a pledge on 21 September 2020 to support Telex with a donation of EUR 200,000. This money has just arrived, we are using the whole amount to make Telex even better!

The EUR 200 000 is not an investment, but a simple donation for which nothing has been asked of us in return, and with which the Czech publishing company supports fact-based, critical, curious journalism.

How did we get in touch with Zdeněk Bakala and the Czech publisher Economia?

After our mass-resignation at Index, Veronika Munk, gave interviews to international media, including one of Bakala's publications, the weekly magazine Respekt. After that she was approached by a journalist from Respekt saying that the owner, Mr Zdenek Bakala, read the article with Veronika and would like to support the Telex initiative.

Even then, we contacted each other and it turned out that Czech/American investor, Zdeněk Bakala, the publisher Economia, would like to help start our newspaper with a large donation.

The full donation transferred on Tuesday through a non-profit organisation to Ne Hallgassunk Nonprofit Kft, a nonprofit organization created by Veronika Munk and Szabolcs Dull, two editors-in-chief of Telex, and CEO Márton Kárpáti. The nonprofit will continue to play an important role in raising donations and grant money.

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