The trail of litter along the Tisza: from Ukraine to Hungary

March 29. 2021. – 03:53 PM



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A ton of garbage makes its way to Hungary every year along the Tisza. The main source of the problem is in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to the matter. This is a complex economic, environmental, and social issue – one which we present in a short documentary film on Telex. We’ve added English subtitles, so don’t forget to turn them on when watching it on Youtube. Translation by Dominic Spadacene.

Starting from the Tisza’s source in Ukraine, we toured the surrounding mountainous region, including the areas around Yasinia (Hungarian: Kőrösmező), Rakhiv (Rahó), Khust (Huszt), and Berehove (Beregszász), as well as some smaller Transcarpathian villages.

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In addition to local residents, the video includes commentary from Petrov Oleksii, chairman of the regional assembly who is trying to get control of the problem, Béla Franc, who operates a recycling facility in Yasinia, Andriy Delyatynchuk, mayor of Yasinia, Petro Bochkor, Rakhiv’s deputy mayor, Taras Krupsky, waste collection activist, Viktor Buchynskyy, owner of the Színes Tartályok (lit. Colored Containers) waste treatment facility, and Volodimir Kabai, director of a subsidiary of the garbage collection company AVE in Mukachevo.

You can turn on English subtitles for the video on Youtube.

The video was made with the support of IJ4EU – Investigative Journalism for Europe.