How the third wave hit Hungary, charted

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, characterized by the Kent variant, tore through Hungary much quicker and deadlier than what we saw during the previous two. Here are the similarities and differences of the three waves, charted.

As Hungary lauds its 'Eastern Opening' policy, statistics fail to show benefits

According to Viktor Orbán and his foreign minister, Hungary is winning the international competition for economic opportunities in fast-growing Eastern markets. According to trade and investment statistics, the Hungarian economy grew more reliant on the EU instead.

Sziget Festival is cancelled once again

This is the second year Covid-19 forces the organisers of the largest Hungarian festival to cancel the event.

Katalin Karikó: Everyone is an epidemiological expert now, but I am not

We sat down for an interview with Katalin Karikó, probably the most famous living Hungarian scientist, a likely Nobel laureate, and the mind behind the mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Moderna for their Covid-19 vaccines.

Orbán has begun taking steps to preserve his power

With a year left until what looks to be a tight election, the government is reallocating considerable amounts of public assets away from the state and into, e.g., foundations. The goal could be to sustain Orbán’s „System of National Cooperation” in the event that he should lose the 2022 election. However it may turn out, does this mean that future governments will no longer have a say in higher education? And what about the hundreds of valuable state properties that were recently transferred? Are they destined to forever remain in the possession of Fidesz loyalists? Opposition leaders don’t see the situation as being completely hopeless.

'We must deny your request' – World Press Freedom Day in Hungary

3 May is World Press Freedom Day, but the press is only as free as much it is allowed to report; here are the walls constantly hit by independent journalists in Hungary.

How to get top marks from a Hungarian professor: spout conspiracy theories about George Soros

An investigation has begun into obscene, sexist and racist statements by the Hungarian lecturer László Gulyás following student complaints. The students said that the professor in Szeged University has been known for years for such displays. While some people might have found his foul-mouthed style appealing, others saw his lessons as a form of disaster tourism, where he talked about niggers, the plan George Soros is hatching to destroy nations, and unlucky politicians being ensnared by the mouths of women. Some students have come to Gulyás’s defence, saying you don’t have to agree with the lecturer, and that to make a complaint against him marks the appearance in Hungary of a cancel culture that prevents the clash of conflicting opinions.

'From what I've heard, the Russkie stuff is stronger' – The vaccination campaign in Hungary's segregated communities

Hungarian civic organizations have launched their campaign titled "Vaccines for Life" to get people living in disadvantaged, segregated communities to sign up for the coronavirus vaccine. We took a look at how it went in Miskolc and the surrounding small towns.

What can we learn from the data on the Hungarian victims of Covid-19?

Harvesting the official mortality data revealed that general health in Hungary is terrible and that the data provided by hospitals is far from standardized. Infographics about the first 25,000 coronavirus-related deaths in Hungary.

Hungarian campus of Fudan University to be built by Chinese workers, financed by a Chinese loan

The construction of the Budapest campus of the Shanghai-based Fudan University has upset Hungarian domestic politics. The opposition-led Budapest is trying to oppose the project, but the Hungarian government seems relentless.

Hungary now only ranks 92nd on World Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders warns that the Hungarian government's expanding hegemony over the media could inspire other European countries such as Poland or Slovenia.

Who is Hungary's elusive Minister of Propaganda?

Antal Rogán used to be a darling of pro-government tabloids, but ever since his new wife's real estate scandal, the Hungarian cabinet minister has vanished from the radar. We tried to get in touch with him for over two months, to no avail; In the end, we had to ask other prominent members of the governing party about what Orbán's most indispensable cabinet member is really doing.

In Hungary's Roma segregates, misinformation is more dangerous than Covid-19

Covid-19 has not spared disadvantaged communities, there were villages where everyone was infected at some point or another. Despite the danger, vaccine refusal is high due to fake news and misinformation spreading faster than the virus itself.

MEP Tamas Deutsch: Fidesz and Telex are doing the same thing

Interview with Tamás Deutsch, a co-founder of the Fidesz party helps to understand the mindset of Fidesz in key areas of the political game.

Hungary to decide on second phase of reopening after hitting 3 million vaccinations goal

After taking the first step in Hungary's gradual reopening plan on Wednesday, the government now plans to ease restrictions even further, although the Hungarian Medical Chamber advises against a premature reopening.

The first six months of Telex in numbers

Telex just turned six months old. On that occasion, we are taking a look at how far we have come in half a year thanks to our readers and supporters.

Freedom of information can save lives – open letter from 28 editorial offices

Since the government and the health authorities prevent reports being made about the true state of affairs inside our hospitals, many people continue to play down the dangers of the pandemic and do not follow the necessary precautions.

Soccer commentator’s dismissal sounds a clear warning

The government-friendly TV2 group has justified the sacking of the former national football player János Hrutka as part of the rejuvenation of its commentating team. However, Hrutka’s dismissal came shortly after he had spoken up for the footballer Péter Gulácsi, who has been defending rainbow families. In other countries commentators are thrown out for racist or sexist comments, but in Hungary it is a different story.

The trail of litter along the Tisza: from Ukraine to Hungary

A ton of garbage makes its way to Hungary every year along the Tisza. The main source of the problem is in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution to the matter. This is a complex economic, environmental, and social issue – one which we present in a short documentary film on Telex.

They wanted to steal the project, but I wrote a letter to Viktor Orbán and he made a wise decision

One of the biggest container terminals in Europe is under construction in a village near Hungary’s borderwith Ukraine. Financed mainly by a company belonging to a secretive billionaire, when it opens next year it will be the gateway on the New Silk Road for rail freight coming from China.

200.000 euros have arrived for Telex

It's the donation of the czech publishing company, Economia.

Orbán’s influence on the media is without rival in Hungary

Over the past few weeks, the state of Hungary’s media has become the focus of intense public debate both domestically and across Europe. After the exclusively Fidesz-chaired Media Council revoked the oppositional Klubrádió’s frequency for bureaucratic reasons, the freedom of the Hungarian press, alongside that of the Polish and Slovenian press, once again came under scrutiny in the European Parliament.

The last two refugees from the transit zone who don't want to flee from Hungary

An Iranian refugee and his young son managed to keep their sanity during their one and a half year detainment in Hungary by making a movie together within the barbed wire enclosure.

We just want a vaccine — it doesn’t matter which one

There is a village in Hungary, Tápszentmiklós, where people are vaccinated only with Chinese vaccines, especially after they have been informed: in the hospital in Győr, the back of the ventilator also says that Made in China.

Five important consequences of the opposition’s battle royale and unification

When it comes to Hungary’s 2022 elections, one thing is for sure: the six opposition parties will be running with joint candidates on a single electoral list against that of Fidesz-KDNP. But what will the pre-selection be like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of pre-selection? Political analysis on Telex.

What’s Up, WhatsApp? The opaque world of online ads

WhatsApp achieved something remarkable: it changed nothing and quite a lot at the same time. It's owner, Facebook does not guarantee encryption if your data is in the hands of a third party, even if it is used for ad targeting on Facebook itself. The online ad industry may just be reaching the point that was 2008 for exotic financial assets.

Gyurcsany will be the new Soros

Fidesz could be at a disadvantage if the opposition manages to present the 2022 election as a referendum on Orbán. So Fidesz needs to frame the choice differently.

Telex receives prestigious international award

Telex won this year’s #ALLForJan award. The news site’s staff was recognized with the international prize based on their advocacy of the freedom of the press and their work over the past several months.

Parliament extends COVID-19 ‘state of danger’ again

The Hungarian parliament has extended the ‘state of danger’ legislation by a two thirds majority on Monday. On the government side 133 MPs voted in favour, while no one from the opposition benches gave their support.

The propaganda minister’s land scandal that was too much even for Orbán

The 1.6 billion HUF deal of Antal Rogán's wife has fallen through.