Hungarian delegation in Helsinki disappointed with Finland's position on Hungary

The delegation made up of politicians from Hungary's governing parties visited Finland following their visit to Stockholm on Tuesday. The Finns were not accused of "spreading blatant lies" about...

Beyond the peak: Hungarian inflation's slight fall to 25.4 percent in February

After reaching 25.7% in the previous month, inflation in Hungary came down a bit, but compared to February of last year, it was still 25.4%.

In Stockholm, Hungarian governing party delegation didn't bring up lies Orbán talked about

According to Swedish officials, no objections were raised by the politicians preparing the Hungarian ratification of Sweden's accession to NATO.

The latest from Arte Weekly: The UK and the EU reach a new agreement, while France fights against...

The UK and the EU reach a new agreement on Northern Ireland. We also focus on how bad fast fashion is for the environment, and the rise of literary influencers on Tiktok.

Slovak Defense Minister claims Ukrainian soldiers are being trained in Hungary

Jaroslav Naď said that the propaganda, according to which Hungary is not helping Ukraine in its war against Russia is not true.

Indian women recruited to work as truck drivers in Hungary for 1800 euros

The company recruiting them says that Hungarian drivers receive the same pay for the job.

'Many people look down on those who find child-rearing fulfilling' – Hungarian President Novák

According to the Hungarian President, women in the western world today have similar opportunities as men, and yet unprecedented forces are at work to discourage young people from having children.

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No sign of the plant to be opened in Hungary in August with more than €17,7 million in Hungarian...

The company's Russian owner was replaced by a Vienna-based company in October of last year.

Fidesz MPs don't want politicians to have to leave university boards of trustees

They voted against the proposal submitted by the opposition party, DK, although it was formulated in line with the European Commission's requirements.

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