Foreign policy


Orbán had predicted Central Europe's rise. He ended up regretting it.

The Prime Minister has long asserted that the influence of Central Europe within the EU is on the rise. His prediction did come true after the invasion of Ukraine, but his regional allies deserted...

Orbán promises to make Hungary a ‘regional middle power’ – and keeps us guessing about the hows

In his latest foreign policy speech, the Prime Minister proclaimed that Hungary should avoid being marginalised by economic decoupling between the West and China and shuld strive to become a...

Hungarian campus of Fudan University to be built by Chinese workers, financed by a Chinese loan

The construction of the Budapest campus of the Shanghai-based Fudan University has upset Hungarian domestic politics. The opposition-led Budapest is trying to oppose the project, but the Hungarian...

Trump's defeat would be a loss for Orbán as well

How could the US presidential election influence Hungarian politics? Telex explains.

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