President Novák talks with protesting students and teachers

May 15. 2023. – 01:40 PM


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Hungarian teachers and students wanted to protest against an education reform bill known as "the status law" during the open day at the Presidential office. But while they were waiting in line, Katalin Novák approached them and they had a long discussion about the state of Hungarian education.

The protesters invited President Novák to the demonstration planned for 19 May and asked her not to sign the status law, but the President said she could not promise that. After about ten minutes of debate, Novák went to the Presidential Palace, and the queuing teachers and students eventually went inside as well . There, they displayed a banner on the terrace of the palace quoting a blog post written by Katalin Novák in 2010, when she and her family were living in Germany because of her husband’s job:

"I am grateful to fate that I wasn’t forced to leave my home country, and that I don't have to live on the ridiculous income of a hospital nurse or teacher".

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