We asked the Justice Minister about the corruption case linked to her ministry

February 06. 2023. – 04:51 PM


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We managed to ask cabinet members of the Hungarian government about key current issues as they arrived at a cabinet meeting held in Sopron. We inquired about the state's purchase of Vodafone, their own pay raise, and the corruption case linked to the Ministry of Justice.

The "Völner-Schadl case" referenced in the video: The prosecutor's office initiated the suspension of the immunity of Pál Völner, State Secretary of the Justice Ministry and Member of Parliament, in December 2021, because it is suspected that he regularly received millions of forints from György Schadl, President of the Hungarian Court Bailliff's Office, for settling cases for him. One of the main threads of the suspicion is that they jointly arranged who would be appointed as bailiffs, with the people so appointed returning a percentage of their earnings to Schadl in return for the favor. Pál Völner worked directly under Justice Minister Judit Varga. The investigation has been closed, and the case is yet to make it to court.

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