Orbán: We have no choice but to occupy Brussels

March 15. 2024. – 01:06 PM


Orbán: We have no choice but to occupy Brussels
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The Hungarian Revolution wasn't about destruction but about construction, it wasn't about denial but creation, it was true and beautiful, and in the end it didn't result in death but in life. That is what a revolution created by young Hungarians is like", Viktor Orbán said at the beginning of his speech, after recounting the main events of the 1848 revolution.

The difference between the Western and Hungarian way of thinking

Today's Western world proclaims that the most important question of human life, or at least of political life, is what kind of world we will leave for our children. "What a colossal mistake that is", Orbán said, arguing that the opposite is true. “The question is not what kind of world we will leave for our children, but what kind of children we will leave for the world.”

According to the Prime Minister,

"we know that the Hungarian quality of existence is a special, unparalleled, elevated form of human life. The greatest thing that can happen to any of us is to be born Hungarian".

He said that Hungary is neither big enough nor wealthy enough to function on its own.The Hungarian homeland is only sustained by the love of its people and the strength of their hearts. "This is what makes us special," he added.

"In the Western world today, millions of people are living their lives as if they came from nowhere and were going nowhere. This is why there is no respect for anyone or anything, and why they are convinced that they don't need to have either," the Prime Minister said. “We, Hungarians, however, are coming from somewhere and we are going somewhere.”

Everything we have today we received from our ancestors, and with it the mission to uphold this and pass it on, he continued. For us, freedom is not about pleasure or suffering; it does not make us free if everybody can do whatever they like.

"For us, freedom is being able to build a country where there is no landlord over our heads," Orbán said.

"In the Western world, people think that everyone is there on their own, that it is up to them alone to decide whether they want to be a boy or a girl, that family is whatever they invent for themselves, and that the homeland is just an area where one functions, but we Hungarians don't believe in that. We know that if you are alone in the world, you are not free, but lonely," Orbán said. According to Orbán, Hungarians consider each other as compatriots, and those who will come after us are also our compatriots. The life of the Hungarian people is an ongoing continuum, all the way from our first king, St.Stephen, through Petőfi, to us today, he said.

Today we are still longing for the joys of a quiet, calm and secure life", Orbán said. This can be attained, he said, but first there is a little bit of work to be done.

“We are the thorn under the fingernail”

Today's Europe is not quiet, and it keeps getting louder. "Nowadays, the peoples of Europe fear for their freedom because of Brussels. Just as in the days of Petőfi. "According to the Prime Minister, "they" are trying to force something on us that we Hungarians do not want, something that is alien to Hungarian life.

“They want to force us into a war, they want to dump migrants on us, and they want to re-educate our children.”

Orbán promised he would not let this happen. “Hungary is a free and sovereign country and that is how it will remain.”

According to Orbán, "Brussels is not the first to have its eye on Hungary. We are a proud and self-respecting nation. Making us bow and submit, forcing us to keep quiet counts as a double victory, and it would certainly discourage other rebels from action. In the past 500 years, every single empire has realised that oppression, blackmail, violence, Bach hussars and vatnik-wearing helpers (Hungarians who helped the Soviet army crush the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence and helped consolidate the new communist regime -TN) will get them nowhere with us. The crescent moon has gone, the claw of the two-headed eagle has become worn out, the red star has been blotted out'.

"We are the sand in the machinery, the thorn under the fingernail, we are the ones who will break the ax and the knife", Orbán continued.

In the history of Hungary, everyone realised that it is best for them to leave us alone. It seems that Brussels alone is unwillng to understand this, Orbán said.

"If we want to preserve Hungary's freedom and sovereignty, we have no choice but to occupy Brussels".

"In 1848 we stopped at Schwechat, this time we won't. We will march all the way to Brussels, and will orchestrate change in the European Union ourselves. We're not foals, you know, we're an 1100-year-old state, we're experienced and we know which gates to march on, and how to restructure the Union. It's time for the Council of Governors in Brussels to start trembling," he said.

"Here, in Budapest, we are familiar with war," Orbán said. "Hungary can only benefit from peace, we do not want war," the Prime Minister said. Instead of peace, Brussels has given us war, instead of security, we were given hassles about the rule of law, instead of prosperity, we received financial blackmail.

"We have been deceived, it is time to rise up", he added.

This year will be a turning point

Orbán then said that “the Slovaks are back on their feet, the Czechs are waking up, the Italians are waking up, the Dutch are back on their feet, and the Americans are also rebelling. This year will be a turning point: at the beginning of the year we were alone, by the end of the year we will be the majority in the world.”

"Life can now be restored, we can usher in the great era of the Western nations, in which everyone can find their own purpose. Except for those who have erased themselves from history, who have broken their oath to serve their nation, who have stabbed their country in the back, who are laying mines in Brussels" these are those who would take the teachers' money, who would open the gates to let migrants in and would hand the children over to those spreading LGBTQI+ propaganda – these will be the traitors, according to Orbán.

The traitor will be forgotten, the traitor will be gone, as if they never existed", Viktor Orbán said. According to the Prime Minister, ever since the days of Petőfi there has been a moment in the life of each Hungarian generation and each young Hungarian when they had to decide: "whether they would follow the path of Hungarian truth or turn onto the avenue of the Soros empire, whether they would quarry stones or build cathedrals, whether they would join the factory line in Brussels or choose Hungarian freedom".

According to Viktor Orbán, the stakes of the 9 June EP elections are "whether you will stand up for your country or eat the bread of foreigners".

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