European Commission: Hungary's national consultation contains false claims

November 20. 2023. – 03:45 PM



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Commenting on the Hungarian government's latest national consultation, the senior spokesman for the European Commission said it was the responsibility of the national authorities. In response to a query from Euronews, Eric Mamer urged all Hungarians to use the European Commission's resources if they would like information on EU policies.

The paper's Brussels correspondent wanted the EU body's views on statements such as the one claiming that "Brussels" wants to establish "migrant ghettos" or that the EU has given money to Hamas.

Mamer said that they won't be commenting on everything in the consultation, but added that "you and I both know that

these allegations are completely untrue."

He said that they are confident that the Hungarian public can be well informed about EU policies and what the EU is doing, thanks to "our excellent press material and our representation in the Member States”.

The correspondent of Radio Free Europe reminded the spokesperson that under former Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, there was an occasion when the body responded to statements in a national consultation in detail. At that time, the politician's image, like that of his current successor Ursula von der Leyen, had been put on billboards across Hungary (he was portrayed alongside George Soros, while von der Leyen is now pictured with Soros' son Alex).

“We trust the intelligence of the Hungarian public”

– Eric Mamer responded. When asked about the posters, he said:

"I showed the pictures to the President, she didn't bat an eye", she's not bothered at all by the billboards. "We know it's not the first time, and it probably won't be the last either, but we have a job to do,

we have crises to deal with." Hungary is part of the EU, it is sitting at the table in the European Council of Heads of State and Government, in the Council of Ministers, and in the European Parliament, he added.

Eric Mamer is not aware of any professional relationship between Alex Soros and Ursula von der Leyen. To a question about anti-Semitism in general, he said that it is not tolerated within the EU, but when Népszava asked if he thought the campaign had such overtones, he did not provide an answer.

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