US ambassador to Hungary threatened with death, Prosecutor's Office investigates case

September 20. 2023. – 01:05 PM


Copied to clipboard

"Resign, you faggot, if you don't want to leave Hungary in a coffin," this was the message a 53-year-old man from Tapiószecső left for US Ambassador David Pressman on the Twitter page of the US Embassy in Budapest.

Shortly afterwards, police knocked on the man's door, searched his home and seized the contents of the electronic devices found at the property. According to, the man was taken into custody, but was released a few days later.

The Central Chief Prosecution Office of Investigation is investigating the case for the crime of attempted violence against a member of the community, committed under duress, the Prosecutor's Office confirmed in response to our inquiry. No further details were given at this time, citing the interests of the criminal proceedings.

The man told that in his opinion, since the US ambassador's sexual orientation is well-known, becuase he is open about it, there was nothing in his message that could be interpreted as coercion.

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