State Secretary strikes back at MEPs criticising Hungarian Foreign Minister for trip to Minsk

March 16. 2023. – 03:41 PM



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The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Belarus on Wednesday, which – among others – states that the EP deplores the February trip to Minsk by Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. The EP stresses the importance of strengthening EU unity towards Belarus, "including the diplomatic isolation of the current regime". The EP "condemns any action, including high-level visits to the de facto authorities in Minsk, which casts doubt on the EU's clear lack of recognition" of the Belarusian leadership – the text, which mentions the Hungarian Foreign Minister by name, reads.

After the adoption of the resolution on Wednesday, in a post on Facebook, Kinga Gál, Leader of the Fidesz Group in the European Parliament, called it "unprecedented and unacceptable" that the document "openly criticises the foreign minister of an EU member state, specifically naming" Péter Szijjártó.

Now Tamás Menczer, State Secretary for Bilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has reacted on Facebook as well. In the video message he posted, he said that he believes that once again, it is clear who is pro-peace and who is pro-war. Everyone in his right mind knows that this war will not end without negotiation, dialogue and channels of communication. He then added, that on one side there is a nuclear power, Russia, which makes this extremely dangerous, and with a nuclear power, he believes, one must hold peace talks.

According to Menczer, more and more people are talking about the prospect of a third world war, the clash of nuclear powers, a clash between NATO and Russia, and this must be avoided at all costs, as "it would mean the destruction of us all". The avoidance of conflict can only be achieved through negotiation and dialogue, and this is the position of the Hungarian Government, represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

"This is what he stood for a few weeks ago when he travelled to Minsk, Belarus. While there, he spoke about the importance of negotiation and dialogue, and called on all parties concerned to move towards negotiation and peace instead of escalation", he added.

Reacting to Wednesday's resolution, Menczer said he believes Szijjártó is being criticised by MEPs because they have a different view on the war and the approach towards it.

"This is especially true, because the Hungarian government wants peace, while MEPs and bureaucrats in Brussels want war. We want negotiations and an immediate ceasefire, whereas they want war. It is because of its pro-peace stance that MEPs and Brussels bureaucrats are criticising the Hungarian government and want to force us into this conflict", the State Secretary stated.

He continued by saying that the Hungarian government is still committed to peace. And if

"the MEPs and the Brussels bureaucrats are criticising Foreign Minister Szijjártó for his pro-peace stance, then I must say that I will criticise and condemn these same MEPs and bureaucrats in Brussels for being pro-war and wanting war." Menczer also expressed that he condemns and criticises them because they have a historic responsibility in acting against the European interest. The European interest is peace, and the State Secretary said he believes that only peace can save lives.

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