Hungarian MP Szilárd Németh: White, Christian, European values won the World Cup

December 19. 2022. – 09:35 AM



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What did Hungarian government politicians like about the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi's World Cup success? In addition to Viktor Orbán, who expected the Serbs to succeed when the World Cup was starting, President Katalin Novák and Szilárd Németh also sent a short message congratulating Argentina and the footballer who was voted the best player of the tournament.

Everyone saw something else in the success, and some of them saw quite interesting things.

Fidesz MP Szilárd Németh managed to post the most controversial opinion, taking a truly unusual approach to the news when he wrote:

A white, Christian nation that represents European values became the world champion. Go, Argentina!

The analogy is made even more bitter when one thinks of which South American country or countries became a haven for fleeing Nazis after the Second World War. Németh's strongly political opinion is made even more odd given that it was the Prime Minister who, in the context of his soccer fan scarf with a map of Greater Hungary, said that football is not politics.

Viktor Orbán saw something quite different in the success of Messi, who became world champion after a gigantic match:

It is written: the smallest will become the biggest! Viva Messi!

- Viktor Orbán wrote on his Facebook page.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák gave a longer assessment, highlighting in her post that

Messi (...) can now deservedly put the World Cup trophy in its rightful place. His three little boys have every reason to be proud of him!

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