Hungarian ultra runner wins women's race in Antarctica ultra marathon

December 02. 2022. – 04:20 PM


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Hungarian ultra runner Szilvia Lubics ran 197 kilometres in the Antarctica ultra marathon. The athlete, who works as a dentist, finished sixth out of 43 runners and was the fastest of the 18 women in the competition, according to her Facebook post.

Competitors from 23 countries participated in the extreme race, with the winner being the one who completed the longest distance in six stages, over seven days. Lubics ran 50.4 kilometres on the last day.

Lubics was not the only Hungarian racing in Antarctica in what is considered the summer season there: Miklós Roskovics finished just ahead of her, in fifth place overall, covering a total of 200.5 kilometres.

The 48-year-old Lubics has run in extreme conditions before, in Namibia and in the world's driest area, the Atacama Desert in South America.

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