Cannonball from Ottoman times found in Kőszeg while gardening

November 24. 2022. – 01:43 PM



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A cannonball from the Ottoman siege of Kőszeg castle in August 1532 was found in the garden of a family house during landscaping work, the Hungarian Defence Forces' Bomb Disposal Unit reported on its Facebook page, MTI reports.

The projectile, which had been lying undisturbed in the ground for nearly five hundred years, was found while tidying up the back garden of a family house in Bertalan Erzsébet Street. The unit's experts examined the cannonball and found that it weighs about 8 kilograms and was manufactured in the early modern period, as well as that it does not contain any pyrotechnic material. The soldiers transported the projectile to the central collection point of the Hungarian Defence Forces and contacted the Military History Institute and Museum.

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