Orbán: There won't be enough energy in Europe because of the war and the sanctions

September 08. 2022. – 01:46 PM



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"The war and the sanctions have led to a situation where we now have to worry whether there will be enough energy in Europe" Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his speech at the inauguration of the Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus in Budapest on Thursday – MTI reports.

The Prime Minister stressed that there are currently 11,000 sanctions against Russia, but the war continues and attempts to weaken the Russians have not succeeded. In contrast, Europe could be brought to its knees by the brutal inflation and energy shortages caused by the sanctions.

"If we don't change our sanctions policy, the situation in Europe will not be easy."

According to Orbán, "in this situation Europe is running out of energy", and what energy we have has to be brought from elsewhere and the energy that is brought in is expensive.

"Nevertheless, we have to fight the fundamentalist Greens and the bureaucrats involved in geopolitical games"

and convince them not to exclude some energy sources from the possible options, the prime minister explained.

“We have been abandoning different energy sources one by one – for political reasons – but in the process, we are making life more expensive for ourselves and making things more difficult for our own industry in the global competition. Few continents are in such a difficult situation as Europe, but only this continent is making life so difficult for itself” – he said.

Orbán stressed that

"there will be gas and enough electricity in Hungary", meaning that no factory will have to be shut down or closed due to energy shortages.

At Thursday's government briefing, the PM's Chief of Staff, Gergely Gulyás said that in winter, temperatures in state institutions could be maximized at 18 degrees Celsius. Whether the temperature in schools should also be brought down to 18 degrees is still an open question, Gulyás said. Ministers have two weeks to figure out how to achieve a 25 percent reduction in gas use in their areas of responsibility.

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