The number of Hungarians working in Austria reaches historic high

August 29. 2022. – 10:23 AM


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The number of Hungarians working in Austria is at an all-time high – Privátbanká reports. According to the latest, July data, the number of registered Hungarian employees in Austria is 114 448 – which is more than the population of Kecskemét. It is also almost 1000 people more than in the previous month. Only the number of Ukrainian citizens working in Austria increased by more (by 1,147) last month.

The article states that the number of Hungarians working in Austria returned to the previous trend of setting new records in summer and even in winter since the Covid-crisis ended, about a year ago. It is not surprising that these two tourist seasons continue to be the time of new highs.

The increase in employment of Hungarians in Austria is not surprising: the overall Austrian labour market is growing at a dynamic pace, with the number of those employed being only 30,000 people shy of four million in July. Of these, 947 thousand, or roughly one in four Austrian employees are foreign nationals.

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