Orbán is proclaiming Russian propaganda – Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesman

July 25. 2022. – 09:36 AM



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"Europe is in an economic crisis not because of the sanctions, but because of the Russian hybrid war" – Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko reacted to Viktor Orban's speech in Tusványos on Facebook. According to him, Russia is attacking Ukraine with missiles, and Europe with high gas prices, but "these are all elements of a single Russian plan to undermine peace and prosperity in European countries."

On Saturday at the 31st Bálványos Free University and Festival, the Hungarian Prime Minister said that "sanctions will not sway Moscow".

According to Nikolenko, this statement of Orbán is “a classic example of Russian propaganda”. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman said that the exact opposite is true: “the sanctions are effective, as they have significantly reduced the ability of the Russian war machine to fight against Ukraine".

Nikolenko also said that there's no point in turning a blind eye to Russia's crimes in Ukraine, as this will not restore peace, because Putin is not going to stop “until he has destroyed the European order based on democratic values". In his opinion, the European strategy should be based on a joint, decisive action aimed at stopping the war and holding Russia accountable for its crimes.

The Hungarian translation of the Facebook post of the Spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was also shared by Ukraine’s embassy in Budapest. You may read our analysis of Viktor Orbán’s speech in Tusványos here.

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