We ask questions even if they don’t want us to – 3 May is World Press Freedom Day

May 03. 2022. – 11:16 AM


For us at Telex, free press means that we do not depend on politics, politicians, or influential figures of the business world. It means that neither politicians nor oligarchs have a say in whether we write about something or not, who we work with and who we don’t work with.

For us, free press means being critical, correct and curious. It means

keeping our readers’ interests in mind, always reporting on stories of public interest and always being present, always going to where things are happening.

Our job is not easy. At times we run into walls: our requests for comment go unanswered, they cordon us off so we couldn’t ask questions, or they simply block our way with a car.

But we continue asking even if they refuse to answer.

In this subtitled video, for World Press Freedom Day (3 May) we collected instances where we wanted to report about important events of public interest, but were not able to – because state actors, public figures, or their colleagues were criticizing the content of our questions, the way the questions were formulated, or were restricting our work – sometimes by involving the police.

If you would like us to continue going where the stories are and keep asking questions so that we can show as many points of view, facts and as much proof as possible, then please consider supporting our work!