President of Mi Hazánk: The miracle that no one believed in has happened

April 04. 2022. – 07:40 AM

President of Mi Hazánk: The miracle that no one believed in has happened
László Toroczkai, president of Mi Hazánk celebrates with the other leaders of the party on 3 April in Budapest. Photo: Kovács Tamás / MTI


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Well above the five percent threshold, with a list vote share of 6.3 percent and over 310,000 list votes, Mi Hazánk (Our Country) has entered parliament as the third parliamentary force, if we consider the opposition coalition as a bloc. After the 2018 elections, the party of the more radical MPs who broke away from the Jobbik party, can send a total of 7 MPs to Parliament. Translation: Dominic Spadacene

Understandably, László Toroczkai, president of Our Homeland Movement, considers it a major achievement that his party is entering parliament for the first time. In his own words:

"The miracle has happened – the miracle that no one believed in except those Hungarians who brought this movement to life in 2018 on the plain of Ásotthalom."

He added that the hundreds of thousands of their fellow Hungarians who cast their ballots for this movement today also believed in this miracle – something which neither the pollsters nor Fidesz and the liberal left, sides which have been wielding power in rotation, believed in. But they had faith in the miracle – even though they had to fight against such incredible odds, the likes of which had never been seen before.

According to Toroczkai, even Facebook had interfered, just as it did in the European Parliament elections, when it deleted Our Homeland Movement's page along with his. He said that Fidesz and the bloc of the liberal left also interfered by trying to silence them through their media outlets. The president of Our Homeland also mentioned the mail-in ballots in Târgu Mureș, saying that this miracle had happened despite facing such a huge headwind.

He also said that he would like to send a message to those who did not believe in this miracle: this is only the beginning. It is the beginning of getting Hungary back on its feet and putting it on the path of development so that it can once again shine in its former glory. Toroczkai said that they're here to carry on this miracle without the oligarchs, and, if necessary, in defiance of the whole world. "We've won this battle, but we'll continue this struggle until we've elevated Hungary in its entirety," he said.

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