Orbán's Chinese vaccine gamble seems to have paid off

At the time Hungary started using Sinopharm's vaccine to immunize the elderly, there was no way to know how effective or safe it was. Since then, WHO approved the Chinese jab, and Orbán seems to have scored an important communications goal against the opposition – but was he right, or was he lucky?

Katalin Karikó: Everyone is an epidemiological expert now, but I am not

We sat down for an interview with Katalin Karikó, probably the most famous living Hungarian scientist, a likely Nobel laureate, and the mind behind the mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Moderna for their Covid-19 vaccines.

We just want a vaccine — it doesn’t matter which one

There is a village in Hungary, Tápszentmiklós, where people are vaccinated only with Chinese vaccines, especially after they have been informed: in the hospital in Győr, the back of the ventilator also says that Made in China.