Hungary's Fatima Korok becomes freediving world champion

September 27. 2023. – 03:59 PM



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Hungarian athlete Fatima Korok has won the world championship in freediving, the world record holder announced on her social media page.

"Honestly, I was not expecting it after being sick for a month, it surprised me just like the first time in 2019 (...) when I did my first gold medal world championship dive. I had an amazing season, I am happy and very proud and I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you to everyone who supported me," she wrote on Instagram.

This was the fourth gold medal in a row for Korok. In July, she broke the freediving world record, diving to a depth of 102 metres in the Bahamas.

Korok then descended to 102 metres in 1 minute 52 seconds and it took her nearly 2 minutes to return to the surface, thus spending a total of 3 minutes 47 seconds underwater with a single breath.

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