Fidesz-affiliated MCC denies plans to open a London outpost

August 29. 2023. – 10:52 AM



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Following its expansion in Brussels and Vienna, the Fidesz-affiliated Mathias Corvinus Collegium is to set up a new education centre in London, near Trafalgar Square, the Guardian reported, citing sources, although the information was not confirmed by James Orr, a British academic with close links to MCC. He said he was not aware of any plans to move MCC to London.

We contacted MCC regarding the Guardian article and received a reply which stated that

"The information contained in the Guardian article is not true. MCC has no plans to open a hub or a branch in London at this time. The foundation offers students a range of scholarship opportunities at some of the best universities in England," they wrote.

It was revealed in May this year that Mathias Corvinus Collegium has acquired an ownership share in the Vienna-based Modul University and is also involved in the insitution's international research. Last autumn, MCC opened a training site in Brussels, where students can learn about the workings of the European Union first-hand. And a few weeks ago, it partnered with ESMT University in Berlin to offer scholarships to more than 20 students a year at Germany's top-ranked business school. An agreement has also been signed with The Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation, allowing MCC students to study at some of the top universities in the UK as well.

MCC, which has been endowed with a massive amount of public funds is Fidesz' main training base for young conservatives, and recently became the majority owner of Libri, Hungary's largest book retailer. Earlier this summer, we wrote about the chain's decision to remove all books with LGBTQI+-related content from dozens of its stores because of the anti-gay law adopted two years ago.

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