A Hungarian company supplied gas cylinders to the Russian army even after the war had begun

June 01. 2023. – 03:37 PM



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Although the Hungarian company Aluminárugyár Zrt. says that it no longer has any economic relations with the Moscow-based Ruszball, which manufactures and supplies the Russian army with combat equipment, including inflatable tanks, it still supplied gas cylinders to the company months after the outbreak of the war, in the summer of 2022, Szabad Európa writes.

According to the Latvian-based Russian investigative portal The Insider, there are only 25 European companies that remain in business with suppliers of the Russian military. One of them is the Budapest-based Aluminiumárugyár Zrt. Based on the obtained documents, Szabad Európa reports that the Hungarian company has supplied gas cylinders to Ruszbal once a year in the recent period, the last time being months after the outbreak of the war, in June 2022.

Later, on 10 July 2022, to be precise, sanctions were imposed on exporting such cylinders to Russia, so the Hungarian company was not in breach of sanctions.

In response to questions from the paper, Alumíniumgyár Zrt wrote: "Our company has no economic relations with said firm, and we do not supply them with any goods. Our company is complying with the EU sanctions against Russia."

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