Trump talks about historic battle against globalists and communists in his video message to Hungarians

May 05. 2023. – 12:36 PM


Trump talks about historic battle against globalists and communists in his video message to Hungarians


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The second day of the CPAC Hungary conference began with a surprise video message from Donald Trump. In the two-and-a-half minute video, the former US president called Viktor Orbán a "tremendous leader" and Miklós Szánthó, head of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, which organised the conference, a "fantastic person".

Trump said that what united the conference participants was that, like him, they believed that "faith and family are the bedrock of a good and free society" and that "a nation without borders is not a nation at all". They also believe in "tradition, the rule of law, freedom of speech and the God-given dignity of every human life".

According to the former president, these are the ideals "that will save Western civilisation". For Western civilisation is in serious trouble, he said.

"We are engaged in a historic battle with the marxists, globalists and communists all over the world. We are fighting against barbarians who want to demolish our liberty, our traditions and everything we hold dear."

- Trump said.

The aspiring Republican presidential candidate also said he believed "we will win". In addition to talking about the monumental struggle against the communists, Trump also said that as president, he was honoured "to strengthen the special friendship between the United States and Hungary over four incredible years".

"The relationship we have is largely due to Viktor, his incredible staff and the people who work with him," he said.

"Keep up the fight, and never waver in your defense of our freedom and civilization! The communists and globalists are in retreat, and as long as we press confidently ahead, we will absolutely win. We are winning now and we will close it out!"

- Trump concluded his speech with a message to the conservative citizens of Hungary and Europe.

It wasn't hard to guess that there would most likely be a message from Trump. The conference program contained the hint of a "video message from the United States".

Last year, the Centre for Fundamental Rights, which organises CPAC Hungary, invited the former US president personally, but he did not come to Budapest. Instead, he sent a short surprise video message to CPAC Hungary participants last year, which lasted only 65 seconds.

He said that Viktor Orbán was "a great leader and a true gentleman" and that the most important problems facing the world today were socialism and communism.

In addition to Trump, another star guest of this year's CPAC Hungary, Tucker Carlson, also only sent a short video message to the conference. Carlson's video was unintentionally funny. In the video, recorded before his departure from Fox News, the star broadcaster, who left under turbulent circumstances a week and a half ago, joked that if he were fired, he would be at CPAC Hungary. He was fired, but he didn't show up.

The keynote spark of the CPAC Hungary conference was Viktor Orbán. In his speech, the Prime Minister's compared liberal and progressive ideologies to a deadly bioweapon developed in Brussels and George Soros's labs.

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