'The Swedes should figure out how to win our trust' – Gulyás

April 06. 2023. – 03:03 PM



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The Hungarian government's regular, weekly press briefing was held on Thursday by Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, and Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi. Below are the main points addressed.

Trust-building steps

On Sweden's accession to NATO, the Minister of the Prime Minister's Office said that the public had been informed about the dispute and that this had not changed since then. Gulyás added that there is no agreement between Hungary and Turkey on coordinating the date of approval of Swedish accession.

He added that "trust-building steps are needed" for NATO accession, but it is up to the Swedes to figure out what those should be.

The United States or Russia?

Does Hungary have a better relationship with the United States or Russia? – Blikk asked. According to Gulyás, we are allies with the United States, and Hungary's relationship with Russia is of a more economic nature. As for who he has a better relationship with: Putin or Biden, that is a question for the prime minister himself.

To a question from 444.hu, Gulyás said: Orbán's support for Trump is not only personal sympathy, but the support of the entire political community.

Gulyás also said that Orbán's support for Donald Trump's re-election is not a matter of interference in US domestic politics. In his view, interference would be if, for example, Hungary were to evaluate the US justice system.

What about Ukraine reclaiming Crimea?

When asked whether the Hungarian government welcomed Kyiv's plans to reclaim Crimea, Gulyás evaded the question. The minister said that the Hungarian government had previously condemned the annexation of Crimea and that this opinion has not changed. "I will not advise any country against self-defence," Gulyás added.

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