Romanian Football Federation: UEFA has not permitted Greater Hungary symbols at football matches

March 22. 2023. – 12:20 PM


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After obtaining the UEFA resolution about the display of certain symbols at matches played by the Hungarian national team,The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) reacted to Tuesday's decision of the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) in a statement, and is claiming that the MLSZ misinterpreted the UEFA and FARE position.

"UEFA has not allowed and will not allow the display of the symbols mentioned by the Hungarian Football Federation in matches played at the European level," the FRF said in a statement on its website. According to the FRF,

the Hungarian Football Federation made its announcement based on faulty conclusions, as the use of these symbols is contrary to UEFA's disciplinary rules on the display of provocative and/or political messages and if necessary, the FRF will refer the matter to international disciplinary fora.

The FRF recalls that revisionism is not accepted in football and trusts that UEFA will continue to sanction the display of such symbols in stadiums, which can incite hatred and violence in matches at the European level.

According to a statement issued by MLSZ on Tuesday, UEFA and FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe), which fights against discrimination in football, have accepted the argument of the Hungarian Football Association, and will allow „the presence of drapery symbolising respect for historic Hungary and solidarity with fans from beyond Hungary's borders” in stadiums in the future.

The concerns and protests of the Romanian Football Federation are nonsensical in the given context, since the authorisation of the flags and banners in question does not, of course, apply to the Romanian bleachers.

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