Kuleba: War is a time to make choices, and all choices are being noted down

March 17. 2023. – 11:51 AM



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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba gave a lengthy interview to BBC in Kyiv. Among other things, he said that when developing post-war relations, they will take into account how each country treated Ukraine during the war.

"If anybody in the world thinks that the way this or that country behaved – or the way Ukraine was treated during the darkest moment in its history – will not be taken into account when building future relations, then these people simply don't know how diplomacy works. War is a time to make choices. And all choices are being noted down,"

Kuleba said.

The Ukrainian foreign minister also said that delays in Western arms deliveries could cost Ukrainian lives. "If a shipment is delayed by even a day, it means someone will die on the front line," he said.

According to Kuleba, the war will end at the negotiating table, but as foreign minister he wants Ukraine to sit at that table with the successes it has achieved on the front line.

We have previously reported on the Hungarian government's approach towards Ukraine during the war here and here, and here.

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