At least 32 survivors rescued by Hungarian teams from rubble in Turkey so far

February 08. 2023. – 01:48 PM


At least 32 survivors rescued by Hungarian teams from rubble in Turkey so far
The team of the Pest County Research and Rescue Service searches for survivors in Hatay, Turkey – Photo by Pest Megyei Kutató-Mentő Szolgálat / Facebook


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The Hunor rescue team is working 24 hours a day in three locations in the earthquake-hit part of Turkey, covering an area of 16,000 square meters. They have so far rescued twelve survivors and recovered the bodies of seven people from the rubble, a spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Directorate General said on Wednesday morning. Hunor is at the scene with 55 crewmembers and two dogs, and a special unit of TEK (anti-terroism unit) has also arrived with nine medical experts and seven alpine and technical specialists. Hunor was accompanied by a team from Dogs Without Borders, whose leader, Sarolta Leczki, posted a video on Facebook of her dog Karma, searching for survivors and signaling among the rubble:

According to Facebook posts by the Pest County Search and Rescue Service nine people have been rescued from the rubble so far, and they are currently fighting for the life of a 15-year-old boy. The "Életjel" (Sign of Life) rescue team is also in Turkey, while a team from the Relief Service of the Reformed Church is on the way.

The Baptist Relief Service is also working near the Turkish-Syrian border, with a 19-strong rescue team and 7 specially trained dogs, and according to their statement, they have rescued a total of eight survivors in Antakya by Wednesday. Two 22-year-olds, a boy was rescued on Tuesday and a girl was found at dawn on Wednesday. They are receiving medical treatment, while the rescue team is now working to save a family of four.

According to Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó's Wednesday morning Facebook post, Hungarian rescue teams have rescued 16 people by that point, and the Hungarian contingent consists of 156 people and 28 dogs total. Foreign Affairs Minister Tamás Menczer told the M1 news channel that they still have no information of any Hungarian victims or injured in the disaster. He also said that they know of 18 Hungarians in the affected area, that the embassy was in contact with them, that everyone was fine and no serious help had been requested by any of them, only minor technical assistance.

According to the latest information, the death toll from the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria early Monday morning has exceeded 11 thousand. Rescuers are racing against time to find survivors under the rubble, and their work is also being hampered by bad weather.

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