EP resolution declares Russia a terrorist state, Fidesz MEPs in room but didn't vote

November 23. 2022. – 01:26 PM


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With 494 in favour, 58 against and 44 abstentions, the European Parliament adopted a resolution declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism on account of the crimes committed by Putin's regime against Ukrainian civilians.

Although Hungarian MEP István Ujhelyi did not take part in the vote because he had to attend a UN event, the Fidesz MEPs were there, Ujhelyi said in a press release.

However, despite their presence, "they did not press a button during the vote, which means that although they were in the plenary chamber, they did not state their position on the matter," Ujhelyi wrote, adding that "this made clear their position towards the regime of the aggressor and on shared European values." The MEP wrote that although he was unable to attend due to his absence, he supported the proposal.

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