Orbán: I wish to express my thanks to everyone who nurtures our children

November 12. 2022. – 07:28 PM


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"I brought my little boy to kindergarten" – Viktor Orbán's mother announces in a one-and-a-half minute video shared by the Prime Minister on his Facebook page. At the institution he attended as a child, Orbán thanked the kindergarten teachers and spoke about how grateful he was to them for educating the future generation.

"I would like to thank the kindergarten teachers again, and all those who care for children, because that's what will be left after us, and what our country will become depends on who our children will be."

- Orbán told the gathered children and kindergarten teachers. He added that he was grateful for the work they do every day. The video also revealed that Orban was a naughty child and that the prime minister had attended kindergarten and even school in the same institution.

Orbán has been almost completely silent on education issues lately. The prime minister has not spoken publicly about the teachers' demonstrations of recent months – at the latest one there were tens of thousands of protesters in the capital on 23 October – and the nationwide demonstrations have not been mentioned in Kossuth radio interviews either.

Only once did Orbán have to answer a question on the subject, in the National Assembly, but again he only said that EU funds were needed, without which it would take 4-6 years to raise teachers' salaries.

Kindergarten teachers also protested at the end of October: the united civil disobedience of kindergarten teachers was first announced by the institutions in the 15th district of Budapest, and they were then joined by kindergartens in other districts of the capital.

State Secretary for Education, Zoltán Maruzsa met with the representatives of the teachers for the first time this past week, but the only thing that came of it is the confirmation that the government will not be raising teachers' salaries this year.

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