Hungary reacts to Putin's remarks suggesting it might have territorial claims in Ukraine

November 07. 2022. – 08:23 AM



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"We do not consider it right to make statements that deepen the conflict of war. Such statements must be replaced by an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations."

- states the reaction of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs an Trade, sent to Index, in response to a remark made by Vladimir Putin on Saturday. The Russian president had said that Poland, Romania and Hungary could also have territorial claims against Ukraine.

The leaders of the other countries mentioned were quick to react to the statement, with Romania making clear that it has no claims and Poland accusing Putin of spreading disinformation. Hungary remained silent.

On Sunday morning Telex reported that the government had not yet reacted to the Russian President's statement and we asked the Prime Minister's press secretary what they thought of the Russian President's statement. We received no reply, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade later sent the above comment to Index.

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