Orbán: We want peace, but we will fight against "proposals that defy common sense"

June 16. 2022. – 10:47 AM



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Earlier this week, 44 MEPs from the European Parliament wrote a letter to Viktor Orbán. MEPs from the four largest EU political groups said they believe the Hungarian prime minister is putting his personal political interests before the lives of Ukrainians and is continually slowing down the adoption of the sanctions package.

In his response to the MEPs, Viktor Orbán wrote about rejecting "proposals that defy common sense", insulting Hungary and standing up for peace – the Hungarian State News Agency (MTI) reports.

The prime minister writes that Hungary wants peace, and that the country has condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty from the very beginning. In his opinion, due to all the help Hungary and its citizens have provided, the country deserves praise “instead of being insulted and lectured”.

Relating to criticism about Hungary defending Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, he wrote that since Hungary's constitution protects religious freedom,” our country does not support the placing of church leaders on sanction lists”.

"It is in the interest of Europe as well, that – through frank speech and calm arguments – I uphold Hungary's right to oppose any proposals that defy common sense and threaten to impoverish Hungarian and European families"

– the prime minister reacted to the MEPs request that he support the EU’s united position.

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