Hungarian president awards Jordan B. Peterson Hungarian Order of Merit

June 15. 2022. – 09:37 AM



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Canadian psychologist and bestselling author, Jordan B. Peterson was awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit by president Katalin Novák.

Peterson, who is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto received the award “as recognition of his outstanding scientific work in the field of clinical psychology and of his highly effective work in defense of creative freedom and the education of young people".

Source: Katalin Novák's Facebook page
Source: Katalin Novák's Facebook page

The Canadian psychologist and author is quite popular in Hungarian right wing circles close to the government. This was not his first time in Budapest, as he has previously given a talk at the government-supported event “Brain Bar”. He is also one of the favourite public figures of the alt-right worldwide due to his harsh criticism of left-liberal identity politics. He is most known for his bestselling, lifestyle-advising, self-help books (e.g. 12 Rules For Life, Beyond Order).

Given that he publishes bestselling books on such subjects, the news that he had checked himself into a rehabilitation facility due to his drug addiction caused quite a stir a few years ago. He claims that he came out healed and that he is “back to his regular self”once again.

During his visit to the Hungarian president’s office, he gave a lecture as well. When commenting on Peterson’s visit, president Novák said: “Sándor Palace is more than an office, it is a symbolic place that also provides space for thinking, and building a broad-minded community that understands each other.”

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