In lieu of his usual Friday interview, Orbán posted from the summit of EU leaders

March 11. 2022. – 03:30 PM


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Translation: Andrea Horváth Kávai

Viktor Orbán is in Paris, attending the EU leaders' summit. Instead of his usual Friday morning radio-interview, he addressed the nation via a Facebook post. The post simply says:

“There will be no sanctions affecting oil and gas supplies. Hungary's energy supply is secure.”

The voices within the EU claiming that Putin is partly financing his war against Ukraine with the money EU countries are paying him for gas sand oil are growing louder. The US has already acted by banning the import of Russian oild and gas, although their position is easier than that of the EU.

However, the EU is so dependent on Russian energy supplies, that a complete embargo is practically unimaginable. In the last few days, the Hungarian, German and Dutch prime ministers have also taken this position.

The talks in Paris went on until early morning, and are continuing throughout the day. When commenting on these on his Facebook page, Orbán said that the situation with the Russia-Ukraine war is growing more than dramatic. He added that it might drag on, and that Europe is joining the ceasefire negotiations.